prom clutch/handbag

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  1. hey! i need some help.. yet again! lol.

    attached is a picture of my prom dress and i need to get a clutch/purse that'll scream next to the plain white. i need help on what type of clutch/purse, the colors, everything basically!

    any suggestions? thanks in advance :heart:
  2. What colour are the shoes you'll wear with this dress?
  3. the shoes depend on the clutch! hehe.
  4. a lauren merkin clutch? i think you should either get a metallic color clutch or something bright that really pops out.
  5. I would do a gold clutch and gold strappy sandals. That would be hot.

    This is a gold Lauren Merkin one
    And this sequined one from Felix Rey is cute too.
  6. thanks, diamond, qt, passerby, and boxermom. i love the suggestions!

    i think i've fallen in love with the laura merkin gold clutch. i was looking at that one earlier in white. i didn't know they made them in more colors. i think i've decided on getting those with gold nina shoes.

    but i'm still open to different suggestions! colors too! thanks again. :heart:
  7. passerby, i like the designs! they're so different! def an eye opener and a magnet for compliments. =)
  8. I keep saying I'm going to get a Lauren Merkin clutch--I love the classic designs and variety. That would be a very chic choice.
  9. i like the lauren merkin gold clutch too!