Project Runway's s6 winner Jeffrey supposedly broke!

  1. Remember Jeffrey Sebelia? The really angry guy with the rat tail who won the last go-round on Project Runway? Yeah, he's toe up broke and designing the costumes for the live-action Bratz movie which I hear Paula Abdul's drunk ass is overseeing. Victory can be a dead-end.
    "I'm totally broke," he's quoted as saying. But hasn't the show helped him sell out, like, at all? "I'm almost afraid to admit what I'm doing," he says, "but it's costumes for a movie. It's a live-action movie for the Bratz." Those slutty dolls? "Yeah, those slutty dolls."
    Egads. Actually, it would more sense if they got Michael, sorry, MYCHAEL Knight to do the costumes for Bratz. Remember his line of clothes for the final episode? The urban prostitute jungle safari deal? Remember how horrific those were? Isn't that like tailor-made for hooker dolls? Anyway, pray for Jeffrey and his angry, now sad rat tail. That's what you get though, when you degrade Angela's Moms

    source A Socialite's Life

    Pretty crazy! What did he do with the 100k?! :confused1:
  2. What the hell happened to the money he won???

    I don't feel sorry for his disrespectful butt!
  3. He was a creative designer...... and that was as far as it went with him. Not a smart man at all.
  4. Well in his defense, the only got 100K. I guess he didn't invest at all and just spent.
  5. Did we skip four seasons or was the last season the second one?

    Although, part of me can't wait to see what he came up with! Something skanky, no doubt!
  6. He acted like a jack ass on that show......he deserves it!!!
  7. LOL.Some of these designers have have an eye for style ..BUT ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS sense what so ever!!!

    I think to be a fab designer you need to have a good business plan in order to make it in this world.
  8. I rooted for Jeffrey and was elated when he won. I thought Angela's mom over-reacted and I never empathized with her. This is just my opinion, I am used to artsy types and they, like Jeffrey aren't the best communicators, nor do they want their vision challenged. Design requires trust between the client and the designer. I think Angela's mom's frock would have turned out better had she and Jeffrey not had the confrontation to begin with.

    Whew - but anyway, I am sorry to hear of his finanical troubles and I hope that he continues to book jobs and gets back on his feet.
  9. I can totally see this being possible. Because, reality is, most up and coming designers are in the red for a few seasons, until their designs are picked up by major department stores or until a trademark/licensing agreement is made.

    Oh yea, he was a total jerk and he just looked dirty all the time - :yucky:
  10. I wasn't a big fan of Angela's mother, either. If she was THAT unhappy with the outfit, she should've said something earlier.
  11. he wasn't my all time favorite but it's still pretty sad that he's broke.
  12. It's sad that he's broke now. I was so glad that Jeffrey won it all, he deserved it. His collection for fashion week was the best. I was very disappointed with Michaels.
  13. You're absolutely right! I must have left my brain in the handbag part of the forum :nuts:
  14. The 100k he won was start-up money for his designing business, wasn't it? So it wouldn't have been placed in traditional investments.

    We know a successful artist; she says unless you also have a head for business (or have a partner who does) you will be a broke artist--maybe Jeffrey falls in that category. His people skills were atrocious-maybe that's part of it. I couldn't stand him, but thought his designs were really fresh and appealing.
  15. no, he wasn't smart at all.