Project Runway's Emmett opens NY flagship boutique


Nov 28, 2005
another blog that i love has a semi-review of the store

"Part two of our mission was to check out EMC2, Project Runway designer Emmett McCarthy's store on Elizabeth Street. I wasn't expeciting at all, but we walked in and there was Emmett! (For the record, he is very tall and very nice.) The store is a bit sparse, but he's got some funky accessories and a pretty lace slipdress for sale. He overheard us talking about where to find a budget bridal dress for BO and her upcoming nuptials, and rattled off a bunch of suggestions for where to go. Also, he has an adorable black chihuahua. We left technically empty-handed, but our Project Runway fixes were satiated, and now BO has a list of cool stores to check out in her search for The Dress."
Dec 2, 2005
That's so funny! I wonder if he personally oversees the store, or whether he was just there that day by coincidence? I thought that he would have SAs to manage it...
Jan 23, 2006
New York New York
Thats really interesting that Emmett was there, plus he sounded quite personable. Well I guess thats always a good Idea when your a new designer. I think I might check it out.