Project Runway

  1. I can't wait for Project Runway!
  2. I'm waiting too! But Bravo is going to have a show hosted by Tim Gunn. He's the best!!

    Here's the link I started. I think the show actually starts next week. I'll be on watch:

    Tim Gunn's Guide to Style
  3. me too! I got totally hooked during Season 1! I really think it's one of the best reality shows out there. Most of the people have real talent unlike a lot of the other reality shows out there. Don't get me wrong... I love me some train wreck reality shows too!

    Can't wait.
  4. I.Love.Heidi.Klum.

    MOST gorgeous woman on earth--besides Giselle! ;)
  5. I looooveee the show..It made me see it's not that easy to be designer..tim gunn is not going to be on the show anymore?? since he has a new show
  6. I love this show. Tim Gunn better be on the new season. It wouldn't be the same without him.
  7. Tim Gunn will definitely be on the new season. I saw it on just this week. I don't think the show will be back until Decemeber or something though...
  8. Tim Gunn is way awesome.
    I could do without Heidi. I don't think she adds anything to the show.
  9. I wonder if Nina Garcia and Michael Kors will return to be judges? I love that show. I really admire people that can be creative under pressure! And I love it when the claws come out - they can be really vicious! Each season I think it can't get better, but it does.
  10. Nooo! I don't wanna wait that long. :crybaby: I guess their gonna show their collection at the spring fashion week.
  11. Heidi wrote in a blog on Bravo's website and said the fourth season will premiere on November 14!!
  12. I'm penciling it into my calendar book! :smile::heart:
  13. I love this show. Michael Kors makes the best comments ever. And I will always have a soft spot for Tim Gunn. But they better make a good decision this time!!! I still think Santino, Michael, Daniel V, and Ule (sp?) were all robbed.
  14. I was watching Bravo over the weekend and they started introducing some of the new designers during commercial breaks as a tease. Nothing to revealing though and still no confirmation as to when the season starts... just that's it's coming soon.
  15. How can both Santino and Daniel V be "robbed" when they were in the same season? It's either one of the other. Same with Uli and Michael?