Project Runway Season 4

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  1. Yeah, starts tonight! LOVES!

    Can't wait to see all the challenges and new designers this season!
  2. Thanks for the reminder!
  3. LOVE this show - can't wait!
  4. i'm off to go watch it right now. sure wish i had some ice cream. :x

  5. I'm counting down the minutes...:yahoo:
  6. I love this show! It looks like it's going to be an exciting season. I really liked the winners design. I knew they would keep the one (won't say in case someone reading has not watched) around for the drama.
  7. I think that the judges made the correction decisions tonight (for the both the winner and the loser). I'm excited about the rest of the season. It seems that these designers have a lot of talent and experience, which should make for some interesting designs.
  8. loveeed the new season!!
  9. i think there is some really good talent this season...Im very excited!!
  10. I love love :heart: this show!! I was waiting for season 4 for long time!
    I live in California and it will be started in 30 min, so I will be with my TV and ice cream then. :lol::graucho:
  11. I LIVE for Project Runway!!! I don't normally knock myself out to see the early episodes since those folks are short lived, but this season I definitely wanted to start from the beginning. I've been watching PR too long though. I just knew who would be the winner and the loser just by listening to Tim and then to the judges comments. Feeling a bit smug this AM since I got it right. :supacool:

    On a side note: I'm loving that Bluefly is one of their sponsors this season. Makes all my cheerleading for Bluefly in the face of all the Bluefly bashing worthwhile. PR isn't going to align itself with company except the best! :rochard:
  12. I must say I was a bit 'underwhelmed' (as Michael Kors would say) with the designs last night. I agree with who was in the top and bottom 3 though. I guess I was expecting a bit more with Tim talking the designers up so much.
  13. That one guy who says'I'm kinda a big deal" kills me!! I love this show!
  14. How about the "grass stained" material??? She's going to be interesting...
  15. I am going to love this season!!! The talent seems extremely good....and the men extra feminine...LOL....I know, one of the guys is going to be kicked off and they said it was something involving him and HIV, but I don't remember the exact story.