Project Runway Season 4 ( News )

  1. Project Runway 4 auditions “found the most phenomenal designers,” Tim Gunn says

    Despite a report that Project Runway 4 was having a hard time finding designers, mentor Tim Gunn says the show found enough designers for three seasons of the show.

    Tim Gunn tells the Seattle Times, “We just finished auditions, and I will tell you, we found the most phenomenal designers. We could cast three seasons of ‘Project Runway’ with the talent we saw.”
    Meanwhile, Tim’s book, Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style, will be released a week from today
    (chapter one is online), and he says that its editors asked him to change vocabulary to dumb it down.
    Of course, Tim had none of that. “The editors said, ‘Change these words, change this reference.’ And I said, you know something, I can’t do that. If this is a problem for the reader, they can sit with a dictionary

    PROJECT RUNWAY (Season 4)
    Premiere 4Q07
    It's back! Host Heidi Klum, designer/lead judge Michael Kors and Elle magazine editor-in-chief Nina Garcia return for another season of high fashion and drama in one of television's most talked about shows. The Emmy-nominated series "Project Runway" provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for budding designers to break into the notoriously exclusive fashion business. Style guru Tim Gunn also returns, mentoring a new crop of aspiring designers through each challenge, showing them how to "make it work." The contestants will be whittled down to only three finalists who will face-off in front of an audience of movers and shakers at New York Fashion Week. "Project Runway" is produced by Magical Elves, with Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz and Rich Bye serving as executive producers

    futon critic

    I know its far away, but I'm so excited. :yahoo:
  2. when does the season start?
  3. I am so excited!!!! This is my favorite show...Does anyone know when Season 3 will be on DVD?
  4. yay!!
  5. that's so exciting!

    and i'm glad tim didn't dumb down his book! if i had his vocabulary, i would be showing it off too! good for him!
  6. I know Tim now is w/Liz Claiborne group and I just read that they aquired Narcisco Rodriguez. Very interesting.
  7. ahhhhh, whens the season start??? :nuts:
  8. Isn't Nina pregnant? I wonder if she'll be on the show full time. I liked her comments.
  9. I can't wait until Season 4 starts!!! So exciting. Does anyone know the date??

    Funny thing about the article. I can't imagine Tim dumb'ing anything down. It's just him! Good on him for sticking to his guns! I borrow his "Make it work." all the time. He's simply a classy act!
  10. It says the show will air 4th quarter 2007.

    Nina already had her baby.
  11. My daughter-in-law kept bugging me to watch this show and finally when I did, I was hooked. I love Tim Gunn too.
  12. yay!!! i just luuuv seeing the clothes they come up with
  13. Tim Gunn is so very cool. I bought his book from, but haven't started reading it yet.

    Does this mean the new season starts in the fall, then?

    On another note, I read an article about him recently in the Washington Post. He said in his new position at Liz Claiborne, he is really hoping to emphasize the fit of the clothing, especially pants. I've never even looked at the Liz Claiborne line, but with Tim Gunn behind it, I'm pretty sure to become a loyal customer.

    I love that guy!
  14. Thank you for the info Prada's Meadow! Project Runway is my favorite TV show and I can't wait for it to come back on the air. I think it is starting in the fall so they can have the finale coincide with Fashion Week next February.
  15. Project Runway rocks!!! I'm beginning to think Bravo is my fave channel? Bravo & ABC haha... I'm still upset Uli didnt win last season though :sad: