Project Runway Season 10

  1. I'm liking Melissa's designs thus far. I liked the blue dress.
  2. I am really starting to question the judge's taste level...that being said there is no true stand out and they will all be in the exact same position they were in when they started the show a year from now. Wearing ridiculous clothes and looking like a fool does not a designer make. They all look like fashion school drop outs and some are not so is a serious business and none of them seem to get it with the exception of Vin/Van (whatever his name is). I also maintain that if you have not made it by the time you are 30 in the fashion industry then you need to rethink...
  3. ...unless you are giorgio armani or carolina herrera or vivienne westwood etc...:lol:

    it was definitely time for him to go (again!) but elena is just awful, not even a fabulous designer and her personality cancels out whatever potential talent she may have, real life requires collaboration and who would ever want to work with her?!?
  4. Ven,

    and No one!
  5. Melissa is my favorite now that Kooan is gone. We have the same aesthetic. Mine is a more feminine though

    I was so sad to see Kooan go. I thought he was an amazing designer...just a little kookie

    So happy that Raul is gone. He accused everyone on his team of not being team players, but he was the only one not being a team player.

    I like Gunner because he's funny
  6. Can someone please explain to me what the judges saw in that yawn of a dress from Fabio? When they singled him out I thought it was to slam that thing, but instead they liked it. WTF am I missing? It was the worst of the five. IMO.
  7. I thought the dress was garbage. you weren't missing anything.
  8. I have been watching PR since season one, and not sure if it's just me. But this season seems to have zero designers who really capture my attention thus far... But, I really have something else that is really petty and trivial annoying me, however it is this: season after season, Michael Kors will go on and on to these up and coming designers telling them that a certain look has been done before.... And while I have never really paid attention much to Kors label, I have just recently noticed via the show with his flagship store, as well as the full page ads in my magazines....his accessories are almost carbon copies of faux Birkins and faux Rolexes.... the hypocrisy is just annoying and now every time I flip thru a magazine and one of his products appears, it just grates at me.... That's my 2cents for today... Back to reading my September issue of Bazaar!
  9. Yes, I've noticed this myself a lot!!!!
  10. +100000

    I will say he probably means a designer just getting started should have a breakthrough look that has never been done before. i.e.- New Look was to Dior, ultra minimalism was to Calvin Klein, etc.
  11. Right! i believe all inspiration has to come from SOMEWHERE!! at this point i highly doubt that there is ANYTHING to come that is an uninspired by past designs original creation... of course, blatant copying in a contest such as PR would be frowned upon, however, it seems to me that the judges are selective in their criticisms... i also had to laugh, as i recall in the episode where the designers made "red carpet" attire for the previous PR contestants, and the guest judge, i think her name is zooey d-something-schamel commented on the Blue "Kinley" dress that while she liked it, she would NEVER EVER wear such a dress on the red carpet... much to my shock one of my US Magazines a week or two after the episode aired featured miss "i would NEVER wear...Zooey" in a navy blue knee length carbon copy dress on a step and repeat red carpet photo op... i have no idea why such details to the point of teduim absorb into my brain... as i am clueless as to who these people are or what they are known for, yet these hypocritical moments imprint onto my brain like carbon... lol :lol:
  12. What the hell was Ven's problem? He acted like a total a$$ to that poor girl! He just would not let up about her weight. Has he looked in the mirror recently? He is no skinny mini himself, and has no right to say anything to her. This challenge was suppose to make these women feel good about themselves and he completely ruined it for the girl. And then he had to go and make that smart a$$ comment at the end about how he shouldn't of been the last one the judges talked to. He needs to learn how to design for women of all sizes or else he can't be a successful designer.
  13. Seriously! She was only a size 14 or so, and he was acting like she belonged in the Guinness book of world records, or in the sideshow. I kept wanting to scream, "You're a big guy yourself, have some empathy!!"

    Her friend was so glamorous, and also about a 14. I hope they went on a girl's day to make up for this terrible experience.

    She at least did get a lovely hair cut, and looked very pretty (aside from the so-called outfit). Ven on the other matter what he looks like, he has a hideous personality.
  14. Oh, and Gunner pleasantly surprised me. I did not like his dress, but I loved his attitude.
  15. He also took issue with her age..................almost 40! :rolleyes: