Project Runway on Bravo

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  1. Anyone planning to watch tonight?
  2. when is it on??
    I love that show!!!
  3. The first show for Season 2 came on at 10 PM EST. It's only been 45 minutes and I'm already addicted again!!!:shame: :lol:
  4. That was my favorite show!!!! I am definately watching this season though I missed it tonight.:sad:

    Great, I just checked it's on at 12:00AM, I am going to watch!!!
  5. OMG!!! Another hour of it is on right now!!! Yes!!!
  6. I love the new guy santino.. he wins the first time.. I think he's got real talent though a bit of an attitude..
  7. He's so talented and I thought he seemed nice at first. Then he makes that "They just didn't want to give me two in a row" comment right in front of the winner of the challenge.:evil: SMH...
  8. YAY Nick! I knew he could do it.

    I couldn't believe Santino acted like such an ass when he didn't win. If Santino had won, Nick would have taken it with dignity and wouldn't have pouted in the corner like a baby.

    Such a beautiful outfit - and totally Barbie goes to Brazil

    BTW these outfits are gorgeous, but they look kinda sick on people without hips. Here's Santino's outfit to demonstrate.
  9. Yah, Santino was such a loser! He is going to make people sick soon.....although I think his barbie scene was awsome too!
  10. His outfit was nice - but it wasn't flawless like Nick's. It also isn't nearly as flattering on his model's body - it clings to the wrong places. But then again that model doesn't really have any right places. What is up with these drag queen bodies?
  11. Santino has a blog now. It's so obnoxious. I wonder how long it will take him to run out of pictures of himself.
  12. Seriously, someone should tell Santino that confidence is one thing, sour grapes another.
  13. And what did he have to mourn? He made a great outfit that everyone liked - but he just didn't win. He is still in the running, and he may win more challenges in the future.

    I'd hate to see what he would be like if he came in second place at the very end.

    I don't like it when people are poor losers, especially on TV. I would be concerned how I appeared to the millions of people watching and I would cover up my bitterness even more.

    The way he is reacting now is just going to affect his confidence and mood - and might end up affecting his performance in the rest of the competition.


    Just when I think reality TV will finally punish the selfish a-hole - they don't. I was heartbroken when Daniel was booted - his collection was gorgeous even if it was homogeneous. Santino (a.k.a. the Homosexual Rasputin) had another mini-meltdown this week, and his designs were heinous.



    Which one would you still respect yourself after wearing?
  15. Santino's Barbie outfit reminded me of a pinata....I just kept wanting to hit it with a stick. I loved the winner's outfit. It was perfect.