Project Runway** Do Not Post Spoilers Here Thread***

  1. Per request..I am starting a seperate thread for Project Runway..

    They will be deleted if you do so....This is for the people who just want to discuss the show without finding out what happens later...OKEY DOKEY??THANKS!!!

    Anyway, going back on topic, I can't wait until the reunion show when there will be an inevitable showdown between Jeffrey and Angela, especially now that Jeffrey has won TWO in a row and has a bigger head to match his big neck. I wish they did one more challenge in Paris!!
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I can barely look at his neck!!!!
  4. Haha, Jeffrey is a dark horse! I didn't think he'd be in the Final Three, but he changed my mind! :yes: I really like his Couture gown last night - it's fun, hip & sexy! He should have won the Recyclable Challenge too...I thought the Final Three would be Uli, Michael & Kayne, but now I think Jeffrey will dislodge either Kayne or Uli!

    I can't wait for the Reunion show too! I'm sure there'll be lots of fireworks between Angela & Jeffrey! I'm curious about Keith too, I want to know what he's been up to. I still think he's very talented, but he shouldn't have broken the rules! Maybe he'll be back next season! Of course, there's Marlan, he's a sweetheart! He showed his vulnerable side right before leaving, I wish he could have stayed!
  5. If I were to guess right now who would be in the final three, I would say Uli, Jeffrey and Michael.
  6. I think Michael or Jeffrey is gonna win..personally...
  7. I don't know which thread to post in...since I don't want to see any Spoilers, I'll just post here! :smile: I'm really sorry to see Kayne go, he's a sweetheart! He showed so much potential in the beginning, especially with the Marilyn Monroe gown, and to some degree, the Miss USA gown...I don't know what happened to him after that! It's as if something had let loose inside him, and he decided to go Vegas "big time"!

    I really liked Michael's whole ensemble, but I'm glad Laura won this time. Her dress is very cute and it does look "expensive"! Uli's dress is sexy & feminine, although the sleeves could be a tad bit shorter! Jeffrey's dress didn't appeal to me this time, but I do like what he did in the last 2 Wins! My prediction for the Final Three will be Michael, Jeffrey & Uli!
  8. The only person I have to see in the final three is Jeffery, if he's not in it I'd be pissed. lol actually if he doesn't win PR3 I'll still be pissed even if he makes the final 3.

    I guess if he doesn't win my second choice would be Michael, even though I really don't like his collection that much, he's done amazing on the show.
  9. I love PR, and I have missed their last few episodes, unfortunately. Did they already show the episode of the Olympus Fashion Week and unveiled the designers' collections? I have been reading something different, and I am confused.
  10. No they haven't yet, next week there is no new episode and I believe the week after that is the reunion episode and then the next week is fashion week. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's how I saw the schedule.
  11. ^^^oooo, ok. I was confused because I saw pics on the internet of new york fashion week, and they showed who's designs from PR made it to fashion week, and had a write up on it, and so I didn't know.