Project Runway Collections *SPOILER*

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  1. Intlset, who do you think will win? What did you think of Daniel's handbag? I thought it was pretty ugly - what did Tim say? That it looked like a shop project? Ha!

    I think it will be Santino, no question. Why did Kara do a line? I'm confused?
  2. I like Chloe's stuff, Santino just has a piss-poor attitude! I hate that guy!
  3. Oh - I didn't want to look, but I gave in to temptation!

    I hate Daniels bag. After Tim's comments, I think he should have covered the handles with a fabric or leather or something!

    Kara's line? I'm confused too. I think they all did a great job. But I agree, although I couldn't stand Santino all season, he did the best here.

    Intlset - thanks for sharing!
  4. Hey glily!

    I think Santino will win, he had a really surprisingly strong collection. Chloe didn't look like she put enough effort into hers... relied too heavily on prints.

    I'm soooo disappointed in Daniel V. I don't know, it just didn't seem too cohesive. And did you notice how he tried to remake the leather bustier he made for Chloe?
  5. I am confused by Kara's line too. From what I have seen on the show, they are making Daniel's line out to be the worst. It looks great on the runway though!! Santino really did a great job, but he bugs me.
  6. I have somewhat more respect for Santino after that episode when he was talking about growing up and what a tough start he had in Los Angeles. He seemed like a genuinely loyal and grateful friend, too. I actually thought all three people were portrayed really well in that episode.
  7. Holy crap, Kara's collection is a crime against fashion. It's hideous!
    I really like Daniel V's stuff. There is a lot that I would actually wear. The white coat is beautiful.
    Santino's actually looks a bit plain to me. Surprising given his love for overkill.
    Chloe's is really pretty but very ethnic oriented in my opinion. It looks like most of the designs are created for smaller/shorter woman which completely counts me out.
  8. I know, I don't get why Kara got to show a collection. To be honest, the only other super talented person I saw was the other Daniel (Franco?). I mean, the man really knows how to tailor and make quality pieces.
  9. I personally feel that Daniels collection was nice but it could have been alot of different designers. If Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren put out that collection you wouldnt doubt it was theirs. I just felt it wasnt original. Yes he is a great tailor and his designs are clean and appealing but in my opinion nothing special. Chloes designs seemed a little dated to me. Something out of the 80's...very Dynasty. Santino dissapointed me the most as I was expecting something over the top. I think however if he had his own label he would be bolder. At least Jay last year did something new and fresh. As much as I dont like Kara at least it was can look at that and see her in the designs. So who will win?? Who knows! Cant wait till Wed.

  10. I'm rooting for Santino, not because he's so likeable but because he shows such innovation and flair in his designs - I don't like anything Chloe does - too much emphasis on the "rear end" - doesn't even look good on the models!! - Daniel does some nice things - he falls in the middle of the three.
  11. can't stand the guy but i think santino's line is gorgeous!!! i really like daniel's too, very wearable. i am disappointed with chloe though. i loved almost everything she made throughout the season and the stuff in her store here, but do NOT like her final showcase. hating the big bell sleeves and all that print. bleah.
  12. Chloe's collection was awful, I don't know where she's going. I think daniels just isn't cohesive which bums me out b/c he's my fav. so i guess i have to go w/ santino, i think he's the most talented anyway. (I think Kara is showing b/c NY Fashion Week was before the final three show was aired, so they had her show not to give it way. maybe?)
  13. As much as Santino bothered me (like so many of you) I absolutely love his collection. I want to wear it!!