Project Runway and LV

  1. Hey, I noticed that, too!! I wasn't sure whose it was, but I thought it was Laura's. It was gorgeous!!
  2. I love her, she so classy and fabulous...I noticed that when they just arrived to the building when the season just started.
  3. I love her! That picture is fab! :smile:

  4. Laura isn't my favorite, but I love that picture!
  5. She looks great in that pic.
  6. Love the luggage, not so much the woman. I would prefer that either she, Michael, or Uli win, over Jeffrey, who is just an arrogant A**.
  7. Awesome photo !

    Didn't Austin in first season have a Vuitton hatbox ? I seem to remember something vaguely like that.
  8. oh- doesn't Laura also have an Hermes Tote? That cognac one she's always carrying around? And the middle suitcase in the pic above looks like Hermes too!
  9. I dont think she carries around Birkin, just one that looks like it. It seems to be missing the top flap cover thing so I dont know?
  10. Her Tote isn't Hermes...althought she seems like the type..
  11. I realize it's not a birkin- I think it's called the whitebus or something?
  12. I dont know who she is, but I love the trunks!!
  13. I think my favorite part of the whole picture is the little post-it note under her heel to protect her case.

    Kookielf she's one of the designers on Project Runway.

    And Snorks, totally agree with you there...I hope Michael wins! (Although I saw pics of his final collection (also on the blog I linked above) and some of it was a bit street-walker-ish. LOL. I like Uli alot too.
  14. i kinda dont watch tv.. my parents have control over it when i get home from work, and that's pretty much it.. and when i do have an opportunity to watch tv, it's either dvd's or the food network!