Project pan

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  1. Anyone wants to do a project pan with me? A lot of youtubers are doing it and I thought it will be fun to join but I'm just not a camera person so I'm thinking maybe some of you would like to do it with me? I have plenty of makeup and I'm stressing out not being able to use them up and almost all of them are high end so it'll be a complete waste of money not to use them. So I thought about song project pan where basically you set a goal that you don't buy anything for the duration of the project unless you run out of a makeup up product which to me is nowhere possible. This is a project pan where you have to hit pan on the product not necessarily use it up. Well, things like in the tube had to be used up also pencils. What do you think?
  2. I love this idea. I've recently told myself I'm going to stop buying makeup and skincare products until I use up what I have.

    I was about to buy too faced chocolate soleil bronzer but stopped myself because I have a good sized sample of benefit hoola I barely touch. Was also about to buy a chocolate bar palette but told myself I need to first work through my naked 1, Lorac pro and too faced natural matte.

    I think it's a great idea to stop wafting money on makeup, as fun as it is to buy. I really need to focus on using all the stuff I already have so am totally on board!

    I recently used up a jar of Lancôme night cream, primer potion sample size and maybelline concealer and it felt great!
  3. ol, I have up and did a purge this weekend. It's very stressful to have so much.

    I'm doing a project pan my goal is to hit pan on my naked, blush, higlighter etc. by December. I'll take pictures tonight. By using my makeup I now realized I don't need to buy more cause I can't even finish the one I already have.

    Night creams,skin care is something I get use up pretty quickly.

    I want the chocolate palette too but I have the naked 123 and lorac, the balm, it cosmetics and so on.

    Let's take pics of what we would like to put in our project pan or makeup use up. Then track our progress. Maybe it'll encourage others to save money. Hehe.
  4. I love this idea!

    May I ask, with regards to hitting pans in the palettes, do we need to hit pan on all colors?
  5. Haha I'll be super excited when I hit pan on one eyeshadow in a palette
  6. I'm totally in

    Hands up, I have too much of everything
  7. In. I am trying to downsize my makeup to just what i am gonna wear regularly. I have 4 containers full now and want it down to 1.5 lol
  8. About to finish up my smashbox cc cream. Next to work on will be my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and still have my Bare Minerals mineral foundation before I even let myself think about buying another foundation