Project Beatrice!

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  1. Beatrice came in the mail yesterday and I cannot wait to get started on my first project bag! The fabric part is in beautiful condition and thanks to help from our dear Stormy, I think the rest of the rehab is going to be a fun project!

    Here are a few cruddy cell phone pics before I get started...


  2. Thanks for starting a thread so that we can all watch your progress and "virtually" participate in your project!
  3. YAY! It's gorgeous! It doesn't look like it needs that much work. It should be a fun & easy learning experience. How do you like the shape of the bag Brenda? (too big, too small, just right?)

    Please do keep us informed about the process. I'd like to watch. :graucho::P
  4. Go Brenda!!!

  5. I love the shape and size!!! What I am considering is buying a red leather replacement strap and trying it crossbody for trips through the airport, etc. I wish the strap drop on it was a tad longer. I can wear it on my shoulder when I have a trench on but not with my down puffer jacket, lol!

    Now I just need to find a wallet and carryall/cases to coordinate! :P I wonder if HH will be doing any wallets in their new butter color??
  6. Ooooh, butter would be lovely with the GP.
  7. woo hoo! have fun! :smile:
  8. Ooh yay Brenda. I'm glad that it was in pretty good shape. Look foward to watching your project.
  9. Go Brenda! I agree with Lu, it doesn't look terrible from here. Such a worthy project to save Miss Bea, though. She's lovely. Sounds like fun!
  10. Wow Brenda!! It looks like it is in pretty good shape. What issues does it have?
  11. Brenda, I'm so psyched for you.... is it me or do I not see that much that needs to be done? I love the idea of getting a strap to make this x-body.

    Also, is it me or does this look to be about the same size as the Trophy? Just curious.

    Have fun, girlie... excited to track your progress!
  12. As of now I need to replace two bottom dome rivets (which are totally impossible to find so I will need to replace all 4 to find something to match) a good cleaning and conditioning to massage out some of the dents and the bottom shape is really messed up. I've been hanging her with cans of tomatos and I think it's starting to work as she looks much more normal and relaxed. I think somebody stuffed Bea in a box that was way too small for way too long. Nobody puts Bea in a box! :P

    As far as size goes, I don't have a Trophy but from what I remember from Chicago, Beatrice is bigger that the Trophy. It's a really big bag!
  13. ^Oh wow, Brenda, it's gorgy! I'm looking forward to seeing the refurbishing process step-by-step :woohoo:
  14. Love a project bag! So glad you are restoring her to her full glory. congrats!
  15. Congrats SB.....
    THAT version of the Beatrice is so uber special......
    Keep us posted and it really looks like its in fine shape.....
    AH, and thank goodness for Stormy, yes?