progress pics, almost halfway through

  1. I stasted around 230lbs anf now I'm 187. I'm in that blah middle phase where I really need to focus myself to keep going. IT doesn;t help that winter is around the corner and UK is so gloomy right now. (I get SAD sometimes) Please motivate me!! :flowers:

    my diet has been circal 1600-1800 calories. Low carb diet with period carb ups for to manitain/increase muscle. Coupled with heavy weigthlifting. I gained some muscle since I stated therefore all my losses have been fat :yahoo: Hoever in August I started skipping some meals (busy, no appretite) and lost lean tissue :push: . I think I need to go back to fitday logging for a while.

    so here's the progress so far:


    the timeline is:
    march/april(??)- 215
    june 210
    random pic: (those clothes last fit in 2005) :wlae:

  2. Side note: do my forearms look as if they've grown? IF so, it's teh barbellz :shame:
  3. Wow Miss Thing! You look great. Your arms look especially lean and toned.

    I've found green tea to be a great metabolism boost. I drink 16-24 ounces each morning with just a bit of honey (about 15 calories worth) and it really seems to stoke that metabolism fire. If you plateau, green tea gets you over that hump (according to me, Oprah and Dr. Oz :lol:) Don't skip meals!! You know that part, you don't want to end up in starvation mode.

    I don't have any personal experience with SAD, but take it seriously! Look into light therapies, etc that are available. You don't want to sabatoge your hard work.

    You should be so proud of yourself!
  4. I think you look great! Congratulations and a job well done! Keep up the good work!!!
  5. You look fantastic MissThing!!!!!! What an awesome inspiration. UK winters are incredibly difficult if you're trying to lose weight. I'm trying to put aside some time on weekends to make some healthy soups I can take to work for lunch, but I seem to be relying on Covent Garden soups far too much :p
  6. thanks for the comments everyone :heart:

    I'm back tomaking soups too for the evenings but I'd be too scared to take them to work. Maybe I should get the ol' aluminium flask out?
  7. are looking so good! How tall are you? Has your weight loss slowed down a lot, or are you continuing to lose at about at the same rate as you had been?
  8. I'm 5'6" I've been losing an average of 7lbs per month net. I say net because it sometimes it could be something like -10lbs fat and +3lbs muscle.

    This is the progess chart from my bodyspace page. I started free weights around May, which is when the weight loss sped up a little
    progress chart.JPG
  9. This is what I do! My colleagues think I'm loopers, but as long as I'm satisfied I don't care :lol:

    Your weight loss really is fantastic. How many pounds did you have to lose before you really started noticing it (and other people noticing it!). I always find getting started to be the hardest, when even if you lose 2 kg, it seems like you still have such a long way to go!
  10. Congrats! You are doing wonderful!
  11. I think I'd lost about 20lbs before anyone noticed or at least commented. Then again I was wearing my old clothes for a long time. Because I had that bi 100lb loss in my head, and it was so daunting I stopped concetrating on the scales and just doing the diet and exercise. I get weighed at the gym evey few weeks.

    Apart from that I go by which clothes now fit and which clothes need to go to charity that weekend, which is a good and sometimes irritating thing.
  12. Wow you look great !
  13. Last question, I promse! :yes: I know when I've been at my fittest and happiest I was doing a lot of lifting, but at that time I was doing loads of cardio as well, so don't know how much I can account to lifting. How much cardio do you do in combination with the lifting?
  14. ask away :biggrin: this is helping me too!

    I hate cardio :yucky: but it's necessary so I make myself do it twice a week. One session is steady state for about 1 hour. The other session is 10 mintues warm up, 20 minutes HIIT running and 5 minute cool down and I'm out of there!

    I lift 3 times a week for about an hour 15 minutes or so. Now that I split the lifting program it's more like 45 minutes but much harder.
  15. Wow!!! Thanks for the info. I absolutely detest cardio too, so if I could spend more time lifting than cardio, it would be a little easier to stay motivated.

    Thanks again for answering my gunfire questions. You've really given me that push I needed to get started again after dithering about it for weeks. Do keep us updated on your's so great to see photos and be able to see the weight loss. Congratulations on such fantastic progress!!! :yahoo: