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  1. Hi,
    I often buy to resell on ebay and I use to track my profits and potential profits. Sometimes the profit is only $20. My husband thinks it is a waste of time for that much money, but I say every bit adds up.

    What are your thoughts? If you are buying items specifically to resell, what's the least amount of profit you're willing to make before you decide it isn't worth your time and energy.

    I live in NYC so I don't have to worry about gas and parking costs. My time is worth something and I do factor that into shipping, but I don't gouge on shipping fees.

    -- C.
  2. If you love what you do and it makes you happy than that should be an added bonus...and yes every bit does count.

    Some people like myself shop for the sake of is such a joy.
  3. I got into debt $20 at a time so I am hoping I can get out the same way ;)
    I need to use that site and see how much I am actually losing on Ebay LOl
  4. I also recently realized that shopping and selling on ebay is more of a fun activity for me than money making. I know it sounds crazy, but hey - whatever makes you happy... How much do you think your time is worth? Do you have more important things to do? I figured as long as I can make over $100 a month, I'll keep shopping for fun.
  5. I think a profit is a profit....I win some I lose some. Sometimes I can get designer suits for $5 and resale them for $120. I found a Brioni shirt for $7 one time and sold it for $89. I love it when I get those but they are few and far between.

    I can ussually double my money, sometimes I get exactly what I put into it. I think in the long run I end up coming out waaaaay ahead and I would do it even if it was $20 at a time:yes:

    I just like the whole thrill of it! My BF sounds just like your hubby, they just don't get it.
  6. Completely agree with you! :tup: I was really having fun when I was selling on ebay. Even the small profit made it fun. Then I got scammed, and that ruined. But it was fun while it lasted. The extra $$$ was fantastic! :yes:
  7. I often don't sell items for profit -- I sell them to make room for new stuff! In fact, just last week I sold several cashmere cardigans for around $20 apiece. They were all in excellent condition, I just didn't wear them anymore. Although I paid significantly more for them, it was nice to get something back for them. For me, eBay is about recouping some of my costs, not necessarily realizing a profit.
  9. I wish I could make a profit but it hardly ends up like that. I end up either getting exactly what I paid for it or a little less. I've sold on ebay for about 2 years straight and have decided no more. I was buying things to resell on my credit card and now I'm so sorry. Just sold a lot of the barbie loves mac stuff and didn't make a dime. I guess I'm not very good at it?
  11. I just started selling a little while ago. I pared down my bag collection and listed the bags that I really didn't love. I'm happy that I broke even!
  12. I think in order to make a decent living of ebay is to figure out your profit margain. For instance, I will not spend more than $5 on a item for reselling. Last week I found a Escada poncho for $1.50 and sold it for $50! You have to find a category you specialize in, so you will have a 75% sell through rate, basically you have to know your market. $20 is a pretty good profit but it depends on how much you paid for it!
    I LOVE ebay! Well, I love the shopping part! what do you sell?
  13. Thanks gotracey for adding the correct link for the ebay calculator. I've noticed that in the last few months I'll go shopping for me and then end up getting more things for ebay. I think I am a compulsive shopper and sometimes will end up selling everything I bought with the intention of keeping. I do like to buy things just to sell because it allows me to shop and at least recoup my expenses.

    I have a harder time selling things I've used because those are items I don't know how to price them properly.
  14. I love the ebay Fees Calculator, definately suggest having a go with it!!! The truth is that whilst every penny counts wouldn't it be great if you calculated what profit you could get from each sale so that if you are saving for a new bag then you are one step closer...
  15. Hi C

    My husband is the same way, "If you can't make double , it is not worth it." I tell him it is fun for me. I just like to shop and think people will appreciate my bargains.