Professor blinded by Violet Day - funny story

  1. Hello all,

    Just thought you might get a kick out of one of today's occurrences:

    I met with my research advisor today to discuss my final project - one of the few remaining things between me and my MFA degree (!). She was in the middle of a sentence and interrupted herself to say, "My, that bag is just exquisite. I just can't stop looking at it - it's mesmerizing!" I agreed with her, of course, and cast a loving glance at my pretty bag sitting on the chair beside me before trying to get back to business. Then when I was leaving she commented on my Mike & Chris hoodie. I felt quite fashion forward...even if I am still perplexed by my culminating paper/project!
  2. The violet is a stunning color-I can see why she was mesmerized!! Great story! Good luck with your final project!! :smile:
  3. :tup: Good job!! Maybe she'll let you skip it? ;)
  4. I'd be mesmerized! Good luck with your project.
  5. It is definitely a gorgeous colour! Funny story! :smile:
  6. I love Violet, such a gorgeous jewel of a colour. In fact I am kicking myself for not getting it! Good luck on your final project!
  7. You get an A+++ for having such a gorg bag!!
  8. I'm not surprized about her reaction to your lovely bag or the coat! The only thing I own that gets as many compliments as my bags is my Mike and Chris leather hoodie! I actually find the leather squishier than an 04 or 05 BBag (...well maybe not squishier but almost!) Goodluck finishing your degree!
  9. Ha! Thanks, everyone! Yes, I've already decided that I should place my Bbag on the podium beside me when I present...that way it won't matter what I say!
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I could totally see each step of that story playing out in my mind!
  11. maybe it will help your final grade? i will agree with you on the color. i have the gsh day and get so many compliments. i was a Barneys and a woman kept on staring at it. i was nervous she was going to run off with it since i had but it down to try on a magenta first.
  12. What a great story! My professors were never clued-in and stylish enough to notice things like that.

  13. That's the thing...she doesn't seem to really care about that kind of's just that violet is an extra-fabulous color! :smile:
  14. great story! did you take pics and post here? all the best on your presentation!
  15. LOVE your story! Definitely mesmerized by it;)