Professionals & their LV's

  1. I'm a young professional thinking of getting her first LV...I was thinking of the mono speedy or damier azur speedy....but here are my concerns:

    The canvas is quite obvious, so when I'm meeting clients I wouldn't want the first thing they think of as "Who does she think she is walking in w/ her pricey LV purse"

    Good that it's a little more subtle than the mono, but I keep thinking how I'm bound to get pen on it, or it'll get dirty on the subway (god forbid someone accidentally touches it :cursing:)

    My questions are:
    1. Would you bring your LV's to the client's and what would their reactions be?
    2. If you would bring them, which is more appropriate to bring - mono or azur?

    Everyone, feel free to give your opinion - I only geared the thread towards professionals b/c they may also understand how clients could find it's perhaps unprofessional to be toting an such an obvious high-end bag, such as the mono...
  2. What about an epi Speedy?
  3. ohhh....good call...I was actually eyeing the epi speedy...but I'm still fairly young (22 yrs old), and the extra $200 or so for the epi isn't quite within my budget....:crybaby:
  4. I think you should definitely try to get a black Epi Speedy. Did you want a brand new one from the boutique or one from eBay? We can help you in the authentication sticky in the LV Shopping Section!

    Or you could get a Damier Ebene Speedy?
  5. I'd go with the Epi too it is very classy and a gorgeous bag too I know it's alittle more but it is worth it and you'll have the bag forever so you'll get your money's worth
  6. Yeah, how about a regular damier bag?
  7. i would say a ebene damier...
  8. to be completely honest I don't think cliuents would care that much.....well, it depends what industry your in, if your in the fashion insustry then def yes....I have the same issue with monogram that you do........................but I think eventually I will need to get a mono.

    PS. Actually Anna Wintour used to not hire people that came to interviws with a regular monogram lv,....or so I heard theres a lot of rumors about her I don't know if this is true.
  9. Well said Label, ITA!
  10. I think it depends on what your professional job is.
  11. These are my two choices for you as well. I own the Damier Ebene Speedy and it is understated while still classy. When I meet with attorneys or for business meetings I love to use my black Epi Alma. So I think that John5 is right on target with his suggestions.
  12. What industry are you in? Would a speedy be practical for your work?
  13. IMO~ I would get which ever you truely want. I am a professional and wear what I want. I have never been concerned with what others think as I know that I dress probably the best out of all of the people that I work with. Not saying I have all designer clothes because I do all. I just try to look professional on all accounts and others do not.

    Having stated this.. a real flashy bag may not be the best choice. The 3 mentioned (epi, mono and azure) all sound like good pieces to go with. Also damier would be good as well.

    Goodluck and congrats on getting a new LV!:p
  14. I think a regular Damier would be nice. It is classy and very functional.
  15. I guess it depends on what you do.