Professionally repairing/cleaning your Balenciagas

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  1. Has anyone here ever sent their B bags to have it professionally cleaned/repaired etc? I would love to hear your input. I am thinking about having it done but I am so terrified that the bag will come out worse than it is, since the colors, leathers are sensitive and delicate.
    Also, any recommendations.. on where to have it done?
  2. yeppers, there are some threads on here if you do a search :yes: ...i think there's a place in nyc where you can send 'em!!!
  3. Where do you live? Someone in the Handbags general forum posted about a place called Margaret's in Southern Ca.
  4. There is also I called the other day and spoke to Barbara and she said that they do restore Balenciagas. The fee is between $65 and $95, which I think is pretty good, considering it's 10% or less of what the bag cost. They have been in business for 30 plus years and I asked if the service was guaranteed and she said yes. What the guarantee would be, you would have to clarify with her.

    I wish you well,

  5. Hi Bridget S,
    Are they located in Toronto, Canada? TIA
  6. Has anyone used their leather products? How do they compare to AG?
  7. Hi Layla, is located in California, or at least, that is where you have to send the bag to be repaired/ restored. I have not had them do any work, I was just enquiring about it.

    I myself, had the best of luck with Coach Leather Cleaner, of all things. The cleaning of my Balenciaga is here:

    But please, I stress again, just because this worked for me, does not mean it will work for you. Please test a small patch before treating the whole bag if you try this route to make sure it is safe for your colour of Balenciaga.

    Susan-Eric, I don't know about lovingmybags products, I have been using the AG and Apple Care because I have them on hand.

    I wish you well,


  8. Bridget S, Thank you for your reply and advice too. :flowers:
  9. I would like to have mine professionally cleaned. has anyone used them before?
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