professional/work chanel bag?

  1. For anyone of you in investments, corporate financial, legal, or any other profession that requires conservative dress, which chanel bag would you recommend? pictures would be good too! :yes:
  2. I carry my black caviar tote when I have to dress up for meetings and presentations. I'll post a picture :smile: What about the cerf tote? Such a classy, sophisicated bag. That will go great in a conservative, professional environment. I'll dig up some pictures for you :amuse:
  3. I have the black Cerf tote and it is wonderful! Very classy and chic! I have the one with the Mademoiselle lock so it's a tad bit shorter than the one with the double C lock but I have fit TONS of dox AND my laptop in it. Mine does NOT have the shoulder-strap attachment like the Mademoiselle lock style does but it has never been a problem for me.

    I can post a pic of mine later today....
  4. I would love to see a pic too shopmom :flowers: .
  5. I think any of the totes would be perfect, especially the cerf. :love:
  6. a black caviar tote would be best. very durable and not at all flashy... great for work and school! =D
  7. Cristina, Shopmom, please post pics! :king:
  8. Cristina's Grand Shopping Tote! It's so gorgeous! :love:
  9. I'm so sorry it's taking me so long but I promise to post a pic of the Cerf in the AM.:biggrin:
  10. are some pics of my Cerf tote. The leather is beautiful Caviar, there are two interior zip pockets and a bag that snaps inside but can be removed. One exterior pocket on the back and one that closes with the Mademoiselle lock in the front. The only thing this size doesn't have is the shoulder strap but that hasn't been a problem for me.....:love:
    Cerf.jpg cerf2.jpg
  11. Shopmom, the bag is oh-so-very GORGEOUS!! :heart:

    It's very, very understated and exactly what I'm looking for! Do you think you can sling it over your arm (w/o the shoulder strap)? What's the approximate dimensions of your cerf? And the current retail $? (need to save, need to save! ;) )
  12. Whoops, forgot to post pictures!

    Shopmom, your cerf tote is beautiful! I love it.

    Here is a picture of my black caviar tote with gold hardware :heart:

  13. Cristina....that is a GORGEOUS bag! It looks like you could wear it on your shoulder too...beautiful!

    Bluekit..... dimensions are: 14"long x 8"tall x 5"deep with a 6"drop on the handles. Total height including handles is 14". It's a GREAT size but again there is no shoulderstrap. The other version which is taller than mine with the double cc gold lock has the detacheable shoulder straps but not this one. I think you could wear it on your shoulder but not if you've got a coat on because it sits close to your underarm. I've carried it that way without a problem but I usualy just use it as a handbag. I THINK I remember paying about $1625.00 last year at the Las Vegas Chanel might want to call around to see if they can locate one for you. They had it in Black and Taupe.....:love: :love: :love:
  14. I recommend the classic flap bag in caviar (it will last longer) or my newest acquisition (see thread) ;)
  15. Shopmom I'm in LOVE with your Cerf tote...what is that size called? (as in small,medium,large,does it have a name? )

    I love the understatedness...hmmm....need it....but have just bought Muse as work bag....hmmm....

    Cristina your bag is lovely too!!!

    I think that the classic flap,even the jumbo,is too small to be a real work bag. It could never fit an A4.