professional resume design.. worth the money?

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  1. I am considering to re-write my cv by one of those professional company that specialise on writing resume and coverletter. Ive done some search today and I found millions of those website.. price from as little as $25 to $300+.....

    Is it worth the money to do so? and will it really make a difference??

    Althrough I had my cv proof-read by a few of my friends and they all said it looks good. but the fact is.. since english is not my first language.. I believe my CV is not " stand-out" enough.. I am going to send some CV out the my dream company/position to express my interest..

    Anyone had experience with those resume writing company?

    many thanks!
  2. I personally would not pay for a resume company....

    getting friends to look through your resume and giving you pointers is good enough.

    if you are concerned as to whether your CV has grammatical errors etc, find some friend comfortable enough with English to look through it.

    I don't believe that paying any company to write flowery words will make anyone's resume stand out.
  3. I agree with bubbleliciousis. As regards grammar, you could always ask tpfers for help - leaving out your name and other details of course. :yes:
  4. I wouldn't pay for such a service.

    There are enough programs and useful internet sites out there that can help you create a good resume...And if you like, you could even post a sample here to get the opinions of other tPFers. There are enough professionals here that know what they're doing.
  5. Isn't this a duplicate post?