Professional Pics!!! :) So Excited

  1. I suck at taking photos of my work. I finally felt it was the right time (my work was decent enough) to get some professional pictures taken. And I am THRILLED with the results.

    The photographer is TS Harrington and she picked all the models and clothing. What do you think? Don't you think a couple could totally be in a fancy fashion magazine!?!?!?

    I actually used this one in an upcoming New York Magazine ad!!!

    I didn't like this one at first but everyone else seems to think it's very high fashion. It has grown on me. :smile:

    She found this couture (sp?) dress at a thrift shop!!!

    She is SO gorgeous!!!

    I love black and white photos.


    I know not all of them are up close on my work but I love the way they turned out just the same. And I can crop some of them to get closer views.

    There are quite a few more but I don't know how many I can post here! LOL I have to post these next two though because to me they just scream fashion magazine!



    Thanks for sharing in my excitement! I swear I almost started crying as I opened each photo and saw each one for the first time.
  2. Wow, the pictures look great! Congratulations!
  3. OMG, Megan! These are FABULOUS!!! Gee, pretty soon I'll be able to say "I knew her when......"

    CONGRATS GIRL!! :yahoo:
  4. Those are fantastic! My faves are photos # 2, 4, 5, and 6... very high fashion!
  5. OMG Must.have.long.chain.necklace.!!!

    You should be so proud of yourself! MAJOR congrats!!
  6. BEAUTIFUL work and pictures! You should be proud!!!:tup:
  7. hee hee I LOVE that necklace. I wear mine almost every day. :smile: I had a woman order it and then she ordered ANOTHER one even longer to go with it.

    Thank you ladies. I seriously LOVE this photographer. She's my hero!!! :yahoo:
  8. Beautiful photos! I love the black and white ones :tup: And how gorgeous are those chain earrings! :nuts:
  9. wow, those pictures turned out fantastic! my faves are #1, #2, and #7!
  10. great pictures..i love 1 and 3, they are both very pretty. i love the necklaces.
  11. Wow. Everything is beautiful: the models, the photos, and especially the jewelry! These are good enough to use as ads in Vogue! Congrats! :woohoo:
  12. Those are gorgeous - I could *definitely* see them in a fashion mag!
  13. wow those will make some big sales!! =)
  14. 2,4,5,& 8 are my favs! That long necklace is delish! Congrats! Thanks for keeping us updated like this! You MUST be so thrilled!
  15. I love every aspect of your designs and the photos!!!