Professional Mulberry Seller - sold Scored label bag

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  1. Hi all

    I went out for coffee with a friend I had not seen inages yesterday - lots of girlie catching up.

    I was in awe of her gorgeous Apple Darwin Phoebe - a really nice bag and I was smitten.

    She was great and let me look all over it - then noticed something - a scored through cross on the label.

    She bought it from one of the recognised prof sellers (I wont say who at this point) for a not inconsiderable sum........£284.

    She's furious, she didnt realise the scored label indicated that it was sold for a £1 and that no re-sale is permitted.

    To be fair we cant see an obviousl fault with the bag!

    Sadly she had wanted to sell the bag to get an Annie - I said she should return it to the seller.

    Shes had the bag over 14 months, used it a few times, but never knew the issue with scored through labels!

    I said she should email the seller and request a refund!

    What do you think?

  2. Yikes. It should have been mentioned in the listing but after 14 months, I don't think you'll have much comeback? I suppose it will be at the sellers discretion but then again the condition will be worse than it was sold as originally. Tricky one
  3. If it was 14 months ago, it may be that the seller was not aware that cut-through labels were not allowed for resale. I just checked when I did my thread about cut-throughs and it was June 2009, which is really when it all came to light. It also depends whether the seller reads these boards too I suppose, as if they don't, they may not be aware of what it means.
  4. I guess it would also depend where the seller got from originally.

    If your friend is happy with the bag apart from that, I would tell her to keep it and try to not think about the label and put it down to experience.;)
  5. I personally think it would be unreasonable to expect a refund when the bag was purchased 14 months ago. I have to agree that it could well be a case of seller and buyer both being unaware of the reason or implications of a scored label at the time of sale. In all honesty, I seriously doubt a recognized professional seller would risk her reputation by knowingly selling a bag that should not be sold. I'd be inclined to put it down to experience. At least a scored label is more likely to be on a genuine Mulberry, now that's far better than finding out the bag is a big fat fake.
  6. :yes:

    Very valid point.
  7. its a tricky situation. Can understand why she's furious!
  8. I'd be furious too.... but probably wouldn't expect a refund after that long. HOWEVER, I would defintiely send the seller an email to inform them of their discovery!
  9. I don't think you'd get a refund after 14 months. It may be worth dropping the seller a line to let them know, but as Jazzy says, they may not have been aware of it themselves and *they* probably didn't buy the bag for £1 themselves either. But I guess she may well have a problem with selling it - I think if she was happy with the bag and you can't see an obvious fault, maybe she'll just need to make peace with it.
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    Last edited: Oct 9, 2010
    ??? I am really puzzled. We are dealing with the fraud here - a professional seller must not sell things that are forbidden from sale!!! As simple as that!
    If you find out that someone mugged you 14 months after mugging, it might be too late to get the person jailed, but the offence still occurred!
    If this seller still trades, definitely it is needed to be known to them, that you found out a deception, and they have to partially refund.
    My experience with the so-called ebay resellers is that we need to be VERY beware what might happen. I do not buy a lot on ebay (actually I do not remember when last time I bought Mulberry on ebay, it was long ago), but I have come across two instances when "professional mulsellers" lied to me: one "brand new" turned out to have all the inking coming off and broken, and another time my friend sold privately via a person who sell other things on ebay (not informed about Mulberry) - that seller sold to one of "profis" for a very low sum, unknowingly, and a week later the same bag appeared at twice the price from the "profi" . She claimed that it was a present and that she already had the one like that!!! When if fact it was stock, bought deliberately to sell for profit, through deception of the person who had no idea of market value.
    There is a reason to why those sellers buy their stuff under a private feedback names, and sell under another name, and make sure to erase any history of buying-selling, even deleting photos. They cannot proudly show their business, as deception could be (and often is, for the business to succeed, customers do not like the truth, who wants to pay £284 for a scored £1 bag )an organic part of it...
    A visit to Office of fair trading, a call to Mulberry giving details of the seller, and a quiet call to Inland Revenue to check whether they are registered... There is no mercy for people who lie for a profit.
  11. definitely agree with the above. summed a lot of my feelings up! ^^^^

    I think you should definitely contact the seller first, they could genuinely have been unaware of what the marking meant. Tell them of your intentions to visit the office of fair trading and ask for a deal to be made.

    Yes it's true that whilst the bag may meet your friends requirements in terms of price and quality (whether the marking is there or not) somewhere along the line a huge amount of money has been made on something that shouldn't have been passed on for a profit.

    At least of you contact the seller first then you give them a chance to rectify what has happened. If they are even a tiny bit arsey with you, follow Korzinkas advice.
  12. I tend to agree with Minimouse, taking into account Jazzy's comments too.
  13. Hi all

    Thank you to all for your comments - my freind and I have been mulling over your comments.

    Im very bullish and totally agree with Korzinka and Spence1991.

    My friend emailed the seller on Friday and requested both a buy back quote and an exchange quote - so far no response.

    My friend has her "bill of sale" and there is no mention of a scored label.

    My friend is very angry because she bought a Mulberry with a view to it holding its value if she fancied a change.

    I will keep you all posted but we (Jenny & I) are so grateful for all your opinions.

    PS Jenny has said if this doesnt end happily she will name/shame the professional seller

    The seller concerned is NOT any of the following:

  14. Molliebags - I think you need to be a wee bit careful here when "naming names" as at least one of the sellers on your list definitely isn't a professional seller and would probably not take too kindly at being referred to as such! Don't make the assumption that someone is a "professional seller" just because they happen to sell a lot of bags....;)
  15. Good point, mf!
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