Professional looking SOG mani at home. How do you do it?

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Jan 1, 2013
Sacramento, CA
I loved the way a professional mani looked when I was paying $40 a pop. Unfortunately, I had to stop because I couldn't afford the expense. Now I've got the SOG part down, but have never been able to shape my nails properly. I have two problems. First, the ends of a few of my nails look a little crooked because the nail bed is not perfectly straight in comparison to my finger. I'm an A personality, so although no one else can probably see it, I know it's there! Secondly, the C curve looks funky because my nails grow heavier on one sidewall than the other. The manicurist would file down one side to make it all look perfect and even. My hands would look like I had acrylic tips on when it was actually my own length with a perfect square shape. I would love to have professionally shaped nails once again. Anybody have any tips or suggestions for tutorials? I've checked around on the web and haven't been successful.


Jun 29, 2006
Yes, this is my problem as well. I look forward to any advice! Even though i don't have much irregularity in my nails, try as i might there are place it ends up looking slightly globby and/or lopsided in little areas where it would not with regular polish. :sad:
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