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  1. What is the best way to go about locating a professional landscaper? My husband and I are getting our backyard landscaped. We did the front ourselves and I hated it SO much that I begged to have the back completed by professionals. It literally needs to be bulldozed and started anew. We found one in the area that our neighbor used. He did a price quote for us and the whole bit. But we want to do some price shopping. Any one have suggestions for the Portland Metro area (in Oregon) or how I can start the process in finding one? TIA!
  2. This might sound somewhat silly, but why don't you and DH drive around until you find a lawn you like. Knock on the door and ask the people who live there what landscaping company did their lawn :nuts: Or you could find a community which has lawns and landscaping that you like. Find out the same landscaping company the HOA uses, and see if they do individual work.

    I would use the first method. LOL I compliment people all the time on their bags and shoes, ask where they buy their accessories - why not ask who does someone's lawn? ;)
  3. ITA with Christina!! That's how I found one. Drive around and leave a nice note on the door(s) of the homes you like. I included my e-mail so if anyone did not want to have to actually speak with me they could just e-mail their reply.
  4. That's a great idea. We did that with one of our neighbors and found one. Then DH found another in the area. We will see how it goes! Thanks for the input!!
  5. My parents have a professional landscaper that their builder picked out... but that is because the house was being renovated at the time. I would also see lawns that you like and ask- that is the best way to know. They should do all the work, the ideas, etc... you just watch it get pretty!
  6. Do you have a favorite nursery?
    Almost all of them have several crews they recommend.
    Get a couple from them and have them bid/design for you, chose the best!
  7. I agree with Swanky. Check out your favourite Garden Centre and ask them who they use and who they recommend. Many of these places have their own landscaping staff as well.