Professional Chloe Shoppers

  1. :sweatdrop:I would really like to buy a Betty chain link in Black, however I would prefer to buy it later this year. Am I foolish to think I will find another sale on this later this year or should i buy it now if I find it on sale as I will not purchase it for full retail.

    Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  2. Call all the NM sites you can; this purse was on sale, I've seen it on the tables. Get it now or wait for eBay. Black IMHO is a tough color to get in Chloe.
  3. I say get it now and keep the receipts in case you need to return it. Nordies has the best return policy it never exp. If you wait you may not get that deal again.
    This happen to me with the MJ stripping bowler, I'm still kicking myself as it doesn't seem to be in circulation anymore I waited to long.....