Professional Bra Fitting

  1. Has anyone gotten fitted for a bra? If so, where did you go? After seeing all the emphasis Stacy and Clinton (from What Not to Wear) and Tim Gunn (on his new show) place on proper fitting undergarments I'm wondering if I'm wearing the right size and style.
  2. Neiman's, Saks, Bergdorf, Nordstrom, Macy's, Victoria's Secret, etc. In a way, almost anywhere
  3. I would also suggest Nordstrom. They carry a nice range of bras and seem to always have great and knowledgeable sales associates.
  4. Well, because of, I went to Lane Bryant. It's very good to have one, because I really was wearing the wrong size. I went from a 38D to 40DDD. :shame:
  5. Does one need an appointment first?
  6. I'm in the UK so I guess my opini0on doesn't really matter that much but I have been to lots of department stores and got some many diferent sizes.

    there is a lady in my area who is fairly famous for being able to tell your bra size straight away just by looking at you, I went to see her it was they most uncomfortable experience of my life so far, I felt totally violated afterwards but she was spot on with sizes lol
  7. Nordstroms helped me find a bra that fits , not an easy task
    I too felt violated by the bra ladies but that is just becuase I am very shy about my body and I had to stand in front of a stranger without my shirt on which is my version of hell on earth :shame:, but the ladies where very nice and helped me find a good bra
  8. I fo to Intimacy (featured on Oprah). They have stores in Chicago, NY and Atlanta. A fourth is opening in Boston. I also go to Nordstrom. Intimacy prefers appointments as they get really busy.
  9. Nordstrom is very welcoming and from my experience I haven't needed an appointment. They are very accomodating and knowledgeable, and beautiful undergarments that last a long time!!
  10. Bare Necessities. They're the BEST :yahoo:

    I've heard good things about Nordstrom, too. From what I understand, VS uses a different method for measuring that doesn't work as well. They also carry a limited range of sizes and will try to sell you bras that aren't your actual size if that's all they have...

    If you are a private/bashful person, getting fitted can be a little embarrassing, but it is SO worth it in the end...
  11. Don't come to VS to get fitted... this is coming directly from an SA (myself). We do a quick measure that is not very accurate for most clients. From there we'll give you a few sizes to determine your best fit. Go find out your size from Nordstrom, then come to us. :graucho:
  12. Stupid question, but do you have to stand there without a bra while the fitting is done, or do you keep your bra on?
  13. I would suggest Victoria Secrets, in Nordstrom I went from my normal size (32 D or DD) to a 36 F:wtf:.

    Although Victoria Secrets don't usually sell 32D's often, I think its the best place to be fitted.

  14. You keep the bra on. They mesure your back and then your bust area.

  15. don't go to VS or Macys--my Macys would not measure....good luck!