Proenza Schouler Shopping Finds & Intels **

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    ETA: I wanted to share a sale but I was told by ellie they were fake!! outraged!
  2. Oh no!!!
  3. This ps1 is available at 40% off retail.

    Contact William at Jeffrey's Atl at 404 237 9000
  4. And these are new at Jeffrey's Atl.

    The purple photos are of the same is not blue or cobalt IRL but a fabulous shade of purple!
    image-256308020.jpg image-3646398831.jpg image-2962525439.jpg
  5. ^authenticplease, the suede mini messenger is gorgeous! :love:
    A Net-a-Porter update with a saddle Pouch :heart:
  6. The stitches on this bag. It pops! Most delightful colour bag
  7. Agreed! And that pink makes my heart smile.
  8. I called and the bag was sold last night. :sad:
  9. There's a Black PS Pouch with Black hardware at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in Estero, FL. It's final sale, looked to be in good shape, although the strap didn't seem all that long IMO, but it's the only one I have ever seen IRL, so not sure if it had been altered or what. It was Final sale and the price was $900. something with 40% off.
  10. Just got an email update from Net-A-Porter :smile:
  11. thanks for your reply, it's strange because they're so similar.
    but at least it's not just me :smile: