Proenza Schouler Shopping Finds & Intels **

  1. Python-PS1.jpg
  2. Today in NYC:

    Barneys PS1's - large black, large beige suede, medium coral, medium maize, kelly green small pouch

    Bergdorf's PS1's - medium birch, medium smoke, smoke clutch, some others...
  3. Ellie you're awesome !!!

    Has anyone purchased Maize yet ?
    I want to know how the shade looks in person...I know it matches a lot of things but would it look really weird with black ? =T

    Also, I saw a post on something about the new leather being that the case? And does it break in eventually?

    Ellie, I saw a black PS1 in person ytd, and it seemed like it had such soft, slouchy leather, but the smoke I got from hg bags has stiffer leather and also feels less slouchy =C

  4. Those are stunning colors in the keep all.. I hadn't seen pictures from that angle before. You should consider one of those! The maize is exquisite, and I must admit that the birch is really quite gorgeous in this style..
  5. babycakess - Thanks, I have seen some PS tags say "leather calf" and perhaps they changed the leather on some colors from lamb to calf? It would make sense because a lamb leather bag is much softer than a calf leather bag. The newer ones also have the PS tag secured on the bag hardware, not on the strap. I'm not sure but it could be that PS makes the newer bags in another factory, because I'm having great trouble right now in the PS auth thread possibly with newer bags are slightly changed. There have been customer feedback over the years that the PS tag could fall off the strap and some bags changes color. Hopefully the new stiffer leather will be easier to care for.
  6. HG bags has some new PS1 in stock including a medium black and medium saddle.

  7. the ones you've had previously are lamb?

    Have you seen the maize in person?
  8. Yes I'm sure mine is lamb, and I think the cards for the new smoke says "leather calf" but I'm not sure. If it's calf then it could be easier to care for..

    I haven't seen maize irl..
  9. Lagerconne-MediumRedClay.jpg
  10. Very cool, I look forward to the images
  11. LaPrendo in SG has a nice selection of PS1:s :smile:
  12. i was at kirna zabete the other day and saw the following:

    ps1 pouch in saddle
    medium in black, maize, and white
    large in smoke and feldspar
    xl in black
  13. SmallKeepAll-TobaccoSuede.jpg