Proenza Schouler Shopping Finds & Intels **

  1. ^This is a great offer :biggrin:

    -- just added a gorgeous medium python in Gold color :heart:
  2. I've just done a conversion on the price of a PS1 medium on the Proenza Schouler site in GBP and it seems remarkably cheaper than buying from Net a Porter - does anyone in Europe or the UK have experience of buying from this site and if so do they know what the hidden charges are?
  3. I've actually preordered the Fall 2011 medium on :nuts: I'm not sure about the total right now because toll will be added but it seems cheaper than stores in Europe I think. I'll compare with Net-a-Porter prices tonight.
  4. Thank you :smile:. Exciting- is that the linen-y bag?
  5. Yes it's the native american pattern, love the color scheme and I already have knitted gloves (home made) in these colors :love:
  6. Very cool, I look forward to the pics.
  7. I've compared some prices of a Black Medium PS1,

    €1365 (ca $1800) Net-a-Porter UK
    $1295 HGBags

    Purchasing on goes through International Checkout and they adds about $240 in shipping and handling. 20% toll will also be added here on arrival. It'll be total $2200 :push:
  8. Ooh- that's a fair bit more expensive:sad:. Thanks for that Ellie, clearly not the route I will be going...
  9. i thought i would add the current RRP for the whole of Europe as per Proenza HQs
    medium (leather or suede)
    1285 Euros

    large (leather or suede)
    1610 Euros

    hope this helps
  10. If you really want to see some horrifying prices, have a look at this!! This is what us Australians are expected to pay for PS bags!! The medium is more expensive than the US price for the large!!!

    Please bear in mind that the Australian Dollar and US Dollar are on par at the moment (with the AUD even being slightly favourable by a few cents!!!).

    This is why I buy all nearly all my bags from the US - even with shipping and customs I can get way better deals than these. And the Australian Government and Retailers are complaining about losing business with too many people shopping on-line now! Do they ever stop to consider the amazing price differences!!

    Unfortunately I can't shop anywhere that charges in GB Pounds or Euros, because those exchange rates suck!!
  11. Thanks very much:smile:

    Thats insane Oscarlily - not fun for you guys at all:sad:
  12. demicouture, thanks for the RRP, it's really useful!


    Sien has the Small Keep All available in Birch and Maize :smile:
    SmallKeepAllBirch.jpg SmallKeepAllMaize.jpg
  13. Wow .. that yellow one is really pretty.
  14. Barneys on Oak St. Chicago(this is from yesterday I forgot to post) has a medium & large birch PS1, a large maize and a large green(sorry I don' know the name of the color), black small keep all, midnight pouch, black clutch, a medium white python bag(i didn't like it, looked like the scales are pealing off I don't know if that's normal or not since I don't buy snakeskin items).
  15. Stalking the large kelly green keepall but I only want it if it is the same thickness and lux like my large saddle ps1. anyone OWN the kelly green? This color is gorgeous! I only see it on their website. Nowhere else.