Proenza Schouler -REVEAL -thoughts ?

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    I just purchase this today on sale couldn't resist at a department store. I didnt put much thought into this bag because it was such a good deal .What do you think of it ?
    Snapshot_20130727_2.JPG Snapshot_20130727_3.JPG Snapshot_20130727_5.JPG
  2. I love the green color! Which PS bag is it and what color green?
  3. Congrats!! :biggrin: Is it the double bag? I think it's great and not as common!
  4. Its the ps1 double bag it it really practical very easy access alot of compartment and space. i lovee cross bodys so much easier to wear i never bought green before.
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  6. Its a ps1 double bag on a chain i think. It looks like a pastel green . hehe Thanks
  7. I love it. Love proenza schouler, their leather and colors!
  8. It's very pretty! Love the color and the chain detail.
  9. Thanks =)
  10. Thanks the chain is soo light in weight . Which was a surprise.
  11. I never liked this bag. The sporty bag combined with the more more fancy chain just doesn't do it.
  12. I agree ^
  13. depending on your style i could see someone pulling off the sporty-fancy-chain combo. pretty color for sure. you concerned about color transfer though?
  14. I'm always a neutral color kind of person but the shade of green in really nice i just hope i wear it bc i barely buy green in general. The bag looks very durable + i love the cross body bc i bike everywhere.
  15. well i think this green is on the neutral side with a little bit of pop, if that makes sense.