Proenza Schouler PS11

  1. Did anybody see IRL? It does not seem to be availble anywhere yet...There is one for preorder on luisaviaroma, but I would really like to see it in real life before thinking of buying. Any feedback? thanks.
  2. I haven't seen the PS11 irl but it looks really good in the pics, great detailing and contrast stitching. Silver hardware. I think it will develop a lovely patina with time because I saw some scratches in the pics. :heart:
  3. yup i have and it is STUNNING!!!!
    i cannot wait to get mine in black!!
    it is a MUST...
  4. I haven't seen it IRL either but I'm definitely eager to. I love the shape of it but I'm concerned about the contrast stitching, I think that would bother me.