Proenza Schouler PS1 Tiny Bag Woes

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  1. I'm very upset and frustrated right now. It all began with my purchase through their official site.

    I bought myself a black ps1 tiny in early June and when the bag arrived, I was shocked by the lack of packaging. It didn't come with the white box that has their name on it and the bag wasn't stuffed with tissue paper, so the bag was flat and the bag felt considerably softer than it did in store.

    The next day I went to Barney's New York to compare the ps1 tiny bag side by side. They look identical. However, the tag on mine says "prod 2015"; the tag on the other bag says "prod 2016." I felt both bags and the 2016 one was stiff and had more textures, but the 2015 one was way too soft, especially the strap. So I went home and emailed their customer service. It took them about a week for them to reply and agree to swap the bag and send the shipping label.

    They said once they received the bag, they would immediately email me and send my bag with tracking number. A week later, I checked the tracking number and they received my bag. So I thought I would get an notification from them at the same day (it arrived at 10 a.m.) Nope! They didn't. 2 days later, Right after I emailed them and asked what the status was, they emailed me back saying they were about to follow up with me. (In my mind, if I didn't ask, they would've forgotten about it)

    So they sent me the tracking number that was just created and it wasn't express shipping!! Seriously, they didn't apologize for their slow response and sent the bag with ground shipping... Their customer service is terrible!

    Today, I finally received my bag, and...the bag has stuffed tissue paper except the tag still says "prod 2015." I'm speechless because before they sent me the bag, I specifically asked for a one that is made in 2016 two times! Yes, it's not as soft as the first one but it's not quite the same as one that is made in 2016.

    Thank you for reading my long rant. I just need a place that I can share my story.

    P.S. I attached some photos, the bag I received is on the left, the 2016 one is on the right, from Barney's New York.

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  2. Return it and buy it from the store that has the one you like ? This isn't on sale ok their site right ?

    I've heard their customer service is pretty bad so maybe try a store with better cs.
  3. I've sent an email to request the return. Hopefully, they will accept it since they can't provide what a customer is asking for. Their customer service is really not that good... I really should've bought either at Barny's or Nordstrom because they have much better customer service and I can see what I'm buying.
  4. it's so cute, I would be tempted to keep it.
  5. I like it but I prefer more textures one over the soft leather one because it feels durable.
  6. Hi there, I also purchased a PS1 tiny in white from the PS website and the bag that came had cracks and a piece of the leather had even chipped off to reveal non-white leather below it. I would think that a bag of this price would be dyed all the way through, but maybe that is too hard with white.
    In any case, the PS customer service was pretty good. I called them, told them my issue, and they sent me a return label the same day. I didn't ask for an exchanged because the non-white leather exposed by the crack really bothered me.
    I recently got the new PS1 tiny lux that is in the calfskin leather. The leather is so much thicker and I can tell that the bag is going to hold it's shape better than the lambskin versions. Plus, this new model of the tiny has a zippered pocket in the back vs. the slip pocket that they had previously. The only downside to the calfskin is that it's not as shiny as the lambskin, but I'm ok with that.
  7. hi. may i know where you got the new PS1 tiny which has a zippered pocket in the back? everyone i saw online has the slip pocket..
  8. would the tiny fit a micro 4/3 camera with a lens????