Proenza Schouler PS1 medium - what do you think about the size??

  1. Please share your opinion with me! I´m attracted to PS 1 bag. I´d really want a bag mostly for everyday wear but every now and then for special occations also. Do you think PS 1 medium (12.5" width, 8" height) would be too large for evening wear? I know there´s also a small size available 8a messenger style) but was wondering if it might be too small after all. Please tell me what you think??
  2. I think it would work for both day and night, although it could depend on your height too. My large smoke is soft and just 1" when empty, it gets bulkier when filled up. I'd empty out some items for evening use. :heart:
  3. It depends upon what you mean by "evening wear". If you are going to dinner or a bar or someplace trendy, it is fine. If you are going clubbing, to a wedding or something dressy, it is too large. I love the medium size. I am small and can't wear bags that are too big, but want to be able to carry a lot. The medium fits the bill perfectly!
  4. personally I feel the medium would be more an everyday casual bag. For an evening bag i would go for their smaller styles they have. I find them relaxed but classy enough for the evening :smile: The good thing about the small pouch bags i feel is that you can also carry them during the day as well because they are no overall dressy :smile: But value for money I would get the medium :smile: Honestly feel you will get so much more wear out of it. Most of my smaller bags only get used for special events :smile: Im currently looking for my first proenza schouler purchase I really want the medium in the tanned suede leather :smile: good luck with your purchase!
  5. the PS1 medium is a ,,Allday'' Bag but not a Eveningbag
  6. i think the medium is perfect. i was initially contemplating the large, but i really don't carry that much that i'd need that much room (a few slg's and a cosmetics pouch). plus when trying it on, the medium looked better as a crossbody than the large did and less masculine to me too.
  7. I think the medium is a great size for a everyday bag. If you carry a lot of stuff then maybe consider a large. I don't carry a lot around so a medium will be perfect for my needs. For example I usually carry a Bal City and it's half empty most of the time. I recently got a Pandora Box Large and it really is much bigger than what I need my next one will definitely be a medium. However I have agree with the others as far as a evening bag I don't really think this is a good evening bag, you can get away with it for going out with friends or informal events but something like a wedding or something to that effect it would be way too casual for that kind of event IMO. The PS1 Pouch which is the small crossbody bag you were referring too IMO is too small for everyday wear. I felt like it's more suited to be a camera bag, it was pretty wide but still very small. I know some lady's have lager wallets and I remember thinking if you had a checkbook sized wallet I'd question if you would be able to get it in there and if you could that you would have no room left in it for anything else.