Proenza Schouler PS1 ~ Keep All bag

  1. K, thanks! Best to always include that since we don't allow buying/selling here. Comments about "getting it from a PFer" puts people on high alert :biggrin:
  2. Lovely bag, very practical.
  3. Thanks! I wasn't sure if you could mention where or not. Now I know.
  4. Yes :biggrin:
  5. Thank you!
  6. I just received my first Proenza Schouler bag today - a small Keep All in smoke with silver hardware. :yahoo: It is really gorgeous, the color is more than what I hoped for. I was a little scared cause of all the comments I read on tPF about the different colors of smoke. I was really looking for a greyish bag and this one is the perfect greyish taupe shade. :woot::heart:
  7. Hi Micole,

    yours is Small Keepall or Large? I have small build so i abit concern that it might be too big for me. Thanks
  8. Hi, I happened to saw the keepall from a blogger's website today and I'm so in love with it! can anyone tell me if this color is still available?

    I tried to search for all websites and unfortunately in Singapore, there's only one shop selling it. I checked online website and found Sien and net-a-porter also have it and so far I like the smoke color (or purple color as shown in the picture). The size I would like to get is small as I think large will be too big for me. Not sure if I should get the black as I have Chanel cerf tote in black which I hardly use as it's quite huge and formal so I'm always with my chanel jumbo and 2.55 now and looking for something light and casual..

    Any suggestion on the color from the expert here?
  9. sorry just realized the link does not work:

    I went to check out the bag at club 21 in Singapore and found the purple rain color keepall small which I fall in love at first sight! It's more blue tone than the one in the blog (orchid) and I'm totally in love with it. So I bought it! Tried to take the photo but it shown as blue. It's the fall 2012 range. Have anyone seen it yet?
  10. Hi , i m new to PS, wish to see more photo of small keepall. Would like to know more about SKA. Thanks.
  11. Hello :smile: I'm going to Milan and Paris next week and I plan to buy my first ever Proenza Schouler bag. The PS1 SKA :smile: Dont know what colour yet as i dont know what they have. But can anyone help let me know how much the SKA is in Euros pls? Also, which city has the better price to buy it in? I'm thinking Milan cos its made in Italy? Excited!! :biggrin:
  12. can post the SKA photo? thanks:graucho:
  13. can show photo? thanks:smile:
  14. Lovely! I saw the color in person and it is fierce and beautiful. Are you having any issues with fading and color transfer? I seriously considering going back to the store and getting it but I'm holding out for a Black or Military SKA, w/c we don't have here.