Proenza Schouler PS1 ~ Keep All bag

  1. Small Size ~ $1150
    Length: 15" Width: 7" Height: 9.5"

    Large Size ~ $1350
    Length: 16.5" Width: 7.5" Height: 10"
  2. I am kicking myself for not getting the kelly green when I had it in my cart on the PS website!!!!! I love that color! either that or black. Might just order black.

    Do we have any more pics??

    I have the saddle large ps1 and all I love it but now this bag is better for me with those lovely handles!
  3. jackie
    i might be bringing home a kelly keepall tomorrow... if so, will post pics :smile:
  4. Is the Kelly green no longer available for you? Trust me, the handles are as lovely as they appear. They're perfection, in that you can wear the bag a multitude of ways, and the length of the handles work no matter how you decide to carry the Keep all!
  5. thanks Starbrite!

    I can't see it on Barney's website though. Do i actually have to call the store and ask them to ship it?
  6. Ah! you should! i'm excited to see it too :yahoo:
  7. Yup. Call and ask for Danielle in the main floor handbags. She is very sweet. Hopefully they still have the green in stock because I saw it this past Sunday around 5pm.
  8. Thanks for this but yeah I would rather buy in person because I like to make sure my bag is perfect. Also the leather varies from each. I've seen some PS1's with more shiny leather and some with more matte leather. Also seen the leather vary from thinner to thicker. I assume it's the same for the Keep Alls.

    I noticed the bag is now sold out on the offical Proenza website. It's making me rather nervous that these bags might be out of stock for awhile now! :shocked:
  9. I completely understand your desire to shop in person so to speak. I'm in Canada and ordered from Barneys over the phone. I dealt with the loveliest SA in the world who found the only Keep All left in perrrrfect condition in the color I wanted. There's a lot to be said for personal interaction! I hope I see your bag available on Barneys soon- then at least you'll know there's hope of tracking it down!
  10. Leighton Meester

  11. i caved in and got the birch large KEEPALL... i just love this colour
    here is a pic and a comparison pic with my medium kelly green;)
    ps1 keepall large birch.jpg ps1 keep all + medium.jpg
  12. I just love the vibrance of the green purse, it's perfect!