Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

  1. The python is gorgeous, but waaay expensive. I prefer the leather or suede.

    I am sitting here on pins and needles waiting for mine to be delivered.
  2. It's a beautiful bag, but looks heavy.
    Is it?
  3. It is quite heavy with all my stuff in it. The suede is thick, so that adds weight as well. I also have a Chanel GST that is commonly known as really heavy and it is not as heavy as that. The long shoulder strap keeps it really comfortable.
  4. I was looking at these yesterday again. I am in love. I am worried about the cost though. I also find the metal closure a bit tricky. It kind of folds down but also has a little lift up lock and I was fiddling for a while. Has anyone else found this?
  5. It's easy to use after a few tries. I don't have a problem with it at all now. You also don't have to use the little lift up lock.
  6. Harvey Nichols in London received them.
  7. any idea hw much is it in harvey nichols? and wat colors n sizes are available?
  8. Thats where I saw them
  9. I am assuming that the one MK is wearing is the Medium size. Can someone verify? Also, I'd love to see some modeling pics of the bag from some of the owners here :smile: I'm thinking about getting one as well...
  10. Grey (smoke), black, coral in medium. Black, white in large. I did not pay attention to pouchettes, but there are few. I only looked at the price for medium - £1180. The bags are gorgeous imho.
  11. The smoke is probably pretty! Do you recall what color hardware it had?
  12. The smoke was the best for my taste. The hardware is sort of antique bronze - muted. Fits very well the tone of the leather.
  13. I love the yellow clutch!!!! oooo the first one is gorgeous too!
  14. i really think there should be a subforum? or maybe not yet but i see this bag having massive potential to become the next most wanted bag!!
    i am getting the pink and smoke one for pre fall!!!
  15. So I've just bought the PS1 medium in Coral leather and it is beautiful. But I'm still wondering whether to keep it or swap it for one in Smoke. This is the one I have...

    OR the grey one on page 2?