Proenza Schouler PS 11 Blue White color block bag

  1. Does anyone know where I can still find this bag, in the classic size (not the mini) size?


    (I am assuming that the one below is the classic, not the mini size, based on proportions...)

  2. Sorry. Don't know where to find it, but yes, it's the classic. The classic has the straps on the bottom. The mini does not.
  3. nope sorry.
    if you are looking for the citron tricolour i could possibly tell you where i saw one!
  4. I actually saw the exact bag at opening ceremony in NYC like two weeks ago! I'm not sure if they will have it but I doubt it has gotten sold.
  5. have you tried the PS website? the last i went on (which was yesterday), they still have it :smile:
    good luck!
  6. thanks everyone!

    i actually got it from Hirshleifers...went with the "mini" size which actually isnt that much smaller than the classic :smile:
  7. Yay! I love a happy ending.
  8. Please post pics when you get it! Looks like a fun bag.
  9. Yay! It's a gorgeous bag. Please share, if you can, when you receive it.
  10. will do, but im not getting it till July since i had Hirshleifers hold my Chanel and Proenza bag purchases till im moved back to LA and settled :smile:
  11. Congrats!!! It's a gorgeous bag...can't wait to see the pics
  12. thanks!! its arriving next week from Hirshleifers along with some other Chanel goodies :smile: