Proenza Schouler Leathers?

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  1. Hi all!

    I have never seen these IRL but am curious about them. Are they always in lambskin or do they also come in the calf?

    How do they hold up? Do they scratch easily (mostly asking because I think they are all in lamb).

    I am looking at a cute mini-PS1 right now online, but it looks pretty small. Possibly too small to be useful. Maybe I should consider the PS 11. I love my LV Speedy 25 in empriente, but would like to find something with a thinner profile. I'm thinking this might do the trick.

    I'm torn on the look of it. Not sure if I love it or not. Some of you seem to be quite the fan of this brand. I'm interested in learning more.

  2. Doh! I've partially answered my own question. I've found them in calf and patient.
    I'm also looking at a PS 11 and it has a D-ring on the bottom. What's up with that? Can you move the strap around and wear it kind of back pack style?
  3. The PS11 D-ring was just the design, not used for anything. The D-ring was on the PS11 Classic/Mini from the introduction 2010, it was removed in later years though.
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  4. The PS1 was mainly lamb leather up to around 2011-2012, it was thin and relatively soft. Later PS1:s uses calf for colors and lower maintenance. Earlier PS1:s used calf for some colors/dye (for example my Kelly Green PS1 Pouch).
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  5. All interesting, thank you.

    So is it safe to assume that if is has a D ring, it is also likely lamb?

    I have a store credit I need to use with a consigned. I am debating between the PS 11, a Tods cross body, and a Anya Hindmarch crossbody. Hmmmm...
  6. The PS11 is a bit more boxy and mostly uses calf leather. See the Ref.lib. thread:
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