Proenza Schouler Items? Please post pics!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    Can everyone please post their findings from my fav Target Go International line?

    I am desparately looking for the silk scarf, the chain silk wrap top in XS, and the pink bubble print coat in XS.

    Can I just buy everything from that line???
  2. I've been looking for the chain wrap top but all the sizes left are L and XL. :s
  3. I guess I was very lucky! I got the medium bubble coat and grey/white stripe on as well. They look great with a dress and jeans as well.
    I also got the purple silk wrap top and the navy and white chain wrap top (both L)
    I got the navy palm sweater and denim jeans.(will wear with a fuchia no name tank)
    My best purchase was both scarfs!-they were on line(not in my stores)
    The scarves look wonderful on my LV DAMIER speedy.
    I hated the fit of all the dresses(loved the material) but in all the pieces I got , I love.
  4. whoops! i just noticed that i spelled desperately wrong! whoops!!! :smile: