proenza schouler for target....and a little anna sui

  1. i was just wondering if anybody's ordered anything from proenza schouler's new line for target...the line looks to be much bolder and more vibrant than any of the prior lines designed for target and i couldn't resist ordering a few pieces (although i'm thinking i might hate some of them when they reach my doorstep in late march :push:smile:

    here's a photo from target studios...

    i ordered the blue top, the dark brown version of the pink bustier dress pictures, as well as a tankini top i'm hoping can be worn as a cami....although i'm not sure how the sizing on any of this is going to run since the sizing is juniors and in addition the cite states that the line runs small :s

    some more photos of my purchases:


    and now for the anna sui....i bought this dress on sale from Saks to wear to a wedding :yahoo:

  2. Where did you order those??? I couldn't figure it out! Love everything!
  3. You've already ordered from Target? How cool! I thought the line was arriving Feb 4th still? I LOVE all the things you got!!! :yes:
  4. hey the line isn't officially out yet but there is a place you can order it :graucho: give me a minute and i'll link you! :p
  5. Oh my goodness! I didn't know you could preorder! How did you find that out?
  6. Thanks jc! This will be featured in my blog in the next few days...
  7. i love everything you ordered!!! i cant wait till the line hits the stores so I can them all on. any idea what the 'signature' piece will be (like how it was the owl bag for p+j)

    and the Anna Sui too, what a gorgeous dress!
  8. i actually froogled it and saw that they had some i love nitrolicious's blog and she links to the target merchandise as well.....i was all excited to have a head start in buying the line since it looks gorgeous from the photos :graucho: but i'm definitely going to be shopping by opening ceremony, since they're going to all the trouble of clearing out their regular merchandise to exclusively carry target's proenza schouler line for a few days :party:

    i feel like the bustier pieces (esp. the two tone blue one and the purple version of it) and the bustier dress will be key to their this bubble coat pictured in the top right corner has been generating a lot of buzz (and how great is it that everything in the line is under $50?!?)

    and i'm glad you love the anna sui mello i'm not too sure how it'll fit/how great it'll look on but it was only $100 so i couldn't resist :push:

    oh and just to add--some of the stuff ships immediately and so you won't have to wait til march so order now and post photos :wlae:
  9. i love the anna sui dress!!! lovely!:love:
  10. Jc... THANK YOU for the link!!! I love soo many things from the line :drool: Please post modeling pics when you get your stuff!!! :wlae:
  11. Don't know how the Target line will fit, but the Proenza Schouler bustier tops in general are made for flatter chested women.... Like B or less (probably smaller B or less), if you are larger than that, you would have to go up a size because of the the way the cups are molded (very fitted) except that then the side measurements increase and no longer will be as fitted (they may bunch and gap, so you may want it taken in). I'm assuming the Target line will be similar because this is Proenza Schouler's signature piece and is relatively complicated to make, much less remake.
  12. love the two dresses!
  13. I think the line is great i got a preview of it on someones blogspot. I love the colors and the style Proenza uses. I cant wait til it hits the stores:yahoo:
  14. Wow! I LOVE the bubble jacket and the dresses! Thanks for the link!!