Proenza Schouler fakes

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  1. I couldn't find a thread for fakes so I'm starting one. I saw this yesterday at a shoe boutique here in Singapore called Pedro. It's a brand under Charles and Keith (which is partly owned by LVMH) and both Pedro and Charles and Keith are notorious for making 'inspired' bags.


    What do you all think? 'Inspired' or blatant ripoff?

    Btw, I sent this pic to @proenzaschouler on Twitter and got a DM saying thanks.

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  2. ^ ^ ^ That's funny!

    I've seen a lot of PS-inspired bags over the past couple of years. I do think that the brand has spurred renewed interest in well-constructed, premium leather satchels. I think it's cool that Proenza Schouler have re-popularized the traditional satchel look. I can absolutely understand that someone might see a PS1 and love the style but not the price tag, and a few weeks later that person might see another leather satchel and buy it based on their reaction to the PS1. That's good inspiration.

    However, I think that this particular bag is a copy of the PS1. The proportion is off, but I find that the combination of the triangular flap and the "hood" (sorry - I don't know the technical term!) on the upper front portion of the bag are just too close to the PS1 design to be merely referential. It's tough to see the top handle, but it also looks like the shape and number of screws has been duplicated as well.
  3. Sad to say Charles and Keith got its own 'version' too. The difference would probably be the material and the clasp.