Proenza Schouler Care and Maintenance Thread

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  1. Here is the place to post Proenza Schouler Care and Maintenance information for reference.

    Please share the hardware and leather problems happened to your Proenza Schouler and how to properly take care of your beloved PS.
  2. Great thread!

    I have put on a layer of conditioner on my smoke and black PS1:s. They are lambskin and the leather care expert docride says you have to be careful with this leather and apply sparingly. A rain&stain spray could be a better alternative though or sending to LMB for pretreatment.

    My hardware are just glued without screws and I had no problems so far.
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  3. Just the kind of thread I want to subscribe to! I did not pre-treat my Midnight, and would prefer not to.. Do you think that's okay?
  4. never treated my Khaki -- didn't spray it with any kind of water or stain repellent, and my bag still looks pretty much the same as it did the day I bought it -- I've also carried it in the rain and snow. No water marks or stains. I don't think it's absolutely necessarily on the darker PS1s, but I would recommend it for the lighter colors
  5. I spray everything I have that is leather, regardless of the colour. The spray doesn't change the colour or feel of the leather, so I figure why not, it's better to be safe than sorry! I will spray my midnight when I get it. Also remember it's not just rain that can get on it, it's other things too like spilled drinks, etc, that would leave a worse mark than water would.

    I think conditioning is a different story, that could potentially change the colour or feel of the leather, so I haven't done that to a bag yet. If you wanted to do this though you could always test it out on the inside of the bag first.
  6. i've never treated any of bags before with any type of water or stain repellent and i'm going to take my chances with the ps1. when i handled it in person, there seem to be a type of coating on it and not the type of finishing where i've experienced any kind of spotting with. i guess we'll see...
  7. What is the best brand of leather conditioner and rain/stain spray to use for the PS?
  8. I haven't used this myself but I know it's used by a lot TPFers: Gardé Rain & Stain Repellent at, it's silicon free too.
  9. Thanks for the link, Elliespurse! I just ordered the PS1 in Maize and will need something to protect it from water spots.
  10. Has anyone tried LMB products on their PS1 bags? Specifically, For Handles Only and/or Miracle Shield?
  11. ^I haven't tried LMB myself but I put on a conditioner on my Bbags and PS1:s at the same time and they were very similar. I think products used for Bbags would also be ok for PS1:s. You could try on a small hidden spot first? Post here how it turns out.
  12. ^^^ I will. I have all of the products (LMB FHO, MS, SS, SR, BC and Apple LC and Garde spray-have not tried this spray yet). I like Apple LC best for my Bbags, but will test out the Apple vs. LMB on tiny hidden spots when my bag comes and post the results here.

    Elliespurse- which conditioner did you use on your Smoke, and did it alter/darken the color at all? I'll be purchasing a Smoke PS1 for the fall and am quite curious as to your results.
  13. riry I used Blackrock Leather n Rich, it can be used for most leathers but perhaps not ideal? My Smoke leather had dry white surface in the pores when new (like a dry Bbag), it of course disappeared with the conditioner, other than this the color didn't darken at all. I didn't treat under the flap and the color is still the same after a year. I think some treatment is a good idea.
  14. Thanks for the info, Elliespurse. I'll definitely give my products a try, then. I've narrowed down the products to try on my Maize: LMB Miracle Shield and Apple Garde.
  15. So... I have the results of my treatment tests.

    LMB Miracle Shield- ruled this one out from the start. Didn't want to use a rub-in product for the PS1 leather.

    Apple Garde- tested this on a small section on the underside of the top flap. This product did not alter the color at all, but it left a faint greasy feel to the leather. Decided not to go with this for the entire bag.

    Vectra Spray- purchased this product after doing some research here on tpf. Messaged HGBags about it, and E gave it the thumbs up. This product darkened the leather when initially sprayed, but it dried in a few hours to the original color. The best part about Vectra? It did not affect the texture at all. The leather looked and felt exactly the same as before treatment.

    I have now treated both my Maize and Smoke Mediums with Vectra. No need to post pics of them because the before and afters look the same.

    Miscellaneous Thoughts- before treating my Maize, I got a tiny spot of denim transfer on the back of the bag. LMB Botanical Cleanser took the spot right out and did not lift any of the Maize color. I treated the entire bag with Vectra after that, and have not had any denim transfer at all. I wear dark jeans every day and have been able to wear both my Maize and Smoke with no worries at all.
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