Proenza Schoeler for Target

  1. So I just got the new issue of Vogue in the mail and was SO excited to see the Proenza Schoeler will be doing a line for Target! Anyone know the exact release date? I REALLY like the coat.

    Jane Mag has posted some pics of the new collection here:
    Dress & Primp Blog in Dress & Primp on

    (I did a search and read through a few days of posts and couldn't find any mention of this line but if its already been covered, I apologize and will happily delete.)
  2. Sorry. That's Proenza Schouler. I tried to edit but my time limit was up.
  3. The collection is at Target now (I think it started on November 1st). There are some really cute things and you can check it out first at
  4. Are you sure? I looked online and all I saw was Behnaz Serafpour and Paul + Joe. If I am just missing it, could you provide a link?
  5. Are you looking for the coat that's in your link? That coat is part of her couture line and not part of the Target Go International line. You can see her stuff that she has for Target if you go under Women, then Go International.

    I hope this helps and is what you're looking for:smile:
  6. OK - I'm an idiot;)

    I totally misread your post and thought you were looking for Benhaz's collection - I need to get more sleep. I have no idea when the other collection is coming out - it looks really cute!
  7. I love the bustier top and the button skirts! That trapeze coat is adorable too. Can't wait!
  8. I think the collection will hit stores in February!! Some of the items are so cute, I can't wait to see them in person!! :yahoo:
  9. I think the stuff is really cute in pics. but I've been generally disappointed in the execution. KWIM? I really hope some of these items come out well though.
  10. I actually don't know if I ever shopped at Target so I have no idea how their quality is. I'm sad to hear that stuff doesn't come out so well. I just read about the line in Vogue and was excited to quickly and cheaply supplement my wardrobe. I guess I will have to track down an actual Target instead of shopping online. Ugh.
  11. This is the first collection that I really loved from pics, so maybe it will be better than past ones.
  12. I think the GO international lines are hit or miss due to sizing, but I haven't heard too many quality complaints. I'm too tall to wear any of it, believe me, I've tried! It's cut like juniors clothing I hear. But you might have really good luck with it, don't get bummed yet.
  13. Love the colors, feels very Spring! D&G seemed to be working with the same pallette.