proenza PS1 tote bag

  1. Hi, I just wanted to share. Bought this today for 70%, my first Proenza. Seems gorgeous. I prefer it to the more popular style as I am not good with undoing the clasp. Anyone else have this? Can't find my camera so this is a stock photo.
  2. I only like this style as well. Have in a few colors. Very versatile as it can easily be worn on shoulder with either the handles or the strap, cross body or in the crook of your arm. Also the handles easily fold down when not in use. Fits quite a bit as well. Great look in my opinion, but I guess everyone has there preference.

    I got all mine on sale as well (even managed to score a black)....but at 70% that is truly a steal! Enjoy
  3. That's a lovely bag! I have the medium PS1 and I'm itching for another! Where did you find this one for such a steal?
  4. I've been wondering why this style is not talked about more in the PS forum.
    I love it too!
    Congrats on your amazing deal on a great bag!
  5. Congrats!! :biggrin: the PS1 tote in midnight is a great choice and an amazing price too!
  6. Hello I got it in Harvey Nichols yesterday. They had some n the brown and two in the red too. The red was tempting but this one goes better for me. I did my calculations after and worked out I actually got it for 75% off. Amazing.
  7. Thanks ladies, I wondered why it wasnt discussed more too. I found a couple of threads too but that's all.

    They also had quite a few of a smaller style with a part chain strap, not sure which style it is but also a steal at the same reduction.
  8. what a steal! I'm coming to London this Thursday, hopefully there will be something left for me!
  9. Good luck. Hope you find something
  10. Congrats on a gorgeous bag.