Products you wish MAC would bring back!

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  1. For me it would be last year's:

    Soft & Slow, Pink Grapefruit Lipglass
    Astral & Sci-fidelity Lipsticks
    Plus Luxe Plushglass

  2. petticoat MSF, i mean i have two. butttt i do love it. haha
  3. Tendertones! Never tried it but would love to!
  4. cremesheen lipglasses :sad:
  5. Maybe those Strobe SPF conditioning lip balms that they had last year, with pink, clear and coral tints. I still have some though.

    Other than that - nothing. They keep coming out with newer and better every year.
  6. tendertones are really great! and volcanic ash exfoliator but that IS coming back yaayyyy
  7. More smoke & diamonds e/s....I could use a refill!
  8. Onederland, I am actually in the middle of purchasing Petticoat, but I am a little worried that it might be too strong for day wear? What do you think?

    Pursegrrl, Smoke and Diamonds sounds TDF! I heard they are bringing it back in the Fall?:nuts: I can't wait to try it!

    flaweddesignn, I got the Creme Anglaise Creemsheen Lipglass but have not tried it out yet, which is your favorite shade?
  9. Hyper Real foundation! :sad:
  10. YAHHH, thanks for the posts about Smoke & Diamonds re-release!!
  11. ITA...they are plushy and wonderful! :smile:
  12. Lip varnish in warning!
  13. I am curious about Stereo Rose too, I just started on MSF and I want them all! :P there was one on ebay that sold for $81!:wtf:
  14. Well, there are many products, but I would like to have Pleasureseeker- lipstick from Neo- Scifi. I have 5 in my case, but when they end... Don`t know what Im going to do. I have many others I like too, but Pleasureseeker is my fave.