Products you registered for or got as gifts, but never used/needed

  1. With all the expectant mommies, I thought it might be helpful if we shared some of the products/items that we thought we had to have for our babies, but in reality didn't need/use.

    Personally I wish I had never gotten a big stoller. I loved the snap frame for my infant seat and then when my son outgrew it, I moved to a lightweight stroller because he could sit up comfortably. I never really needed the big cumbersome stroller and don't even get me started on dh's must have jogging stroller...........
  2. really did not need the baby carrier, the ones you strap on and put the baby in.
    i received like 3 of those things, i exchanged them for diapers.
  3. I did not need or use the baby swaddler, nor the baby boy wee blocks. ..cute as they are, they dont really work, they fall off the boy parts.


  4. I'm having this same problem... I bought a Graco travel system with a quattro tour stroller, but I hate using it because I have to lug it out of the back of the car. I mainly use a snap n' go car seat stroller and I'm looking to buy a lightweight stroller.
  5. I never used the diaper genie or the little moses baskets. The baskets are so cute though. Also never used the diaper holder.
  6. - Swaddler (we don't really swaddle)
    - Formula (we BF)

    I didn't get too many things that I didn't have some use for!
  7. Changing table: seems such a big need, but really changed them where ever handy, with a diaper pad (of course ;) )

    Diaper genie / pail: I always just took them straight outside.

    Those little side snap t-shirts, they always ride the onesies so much better.
  8. those automobile bottle warmers.
  9. -wipes warmer
    -Swaddle Me blanket (I tried but a regular blanket worked best for me)
  10. Diaper warmer, I especially never opened it once I found out it was a fire hazard! and baby bjorn-like carrier. The thing was so difficult to use unless someone was around to help that it was a waste.
  11. - Diaper Wipes Warmer
    - Bottle warmer- I breastfed. For stored/frozen breastmilk, I would thaw it in a bowl of hot water (Zojiroshi makes a container that holds 3L of boiling water at 208 degrees at all times :tup:) until it was warm and ready, then transferred it to the bottle directly. For formula, mixed 1 part Zojiroshi, 3 parts cold water and voila!
    - Diaper Genie (are you really gonna wait until that thing fills up before you throw it away?:throwup:)
    - Those cloth covers to put over high chairs and shopping carts
    - Baby monitors
    - Clothes that you had to put over the baby's head. With the floppy head, it was easier to slip clothes from side to side.
    - Baby shoes
    - Boppy pillow. I know many will disagree on this one. It was never useful to me, personally.
    - Baby Einstein videos- to this day, not interested.

    GREAT GIFTS!:tup:
    - Diapers, wipes, useful everyday stuff, Lanolin (vit E cream for breasts), Zoot (to remove stains), waterproof crib sheets
    - Classical Baby by HBO DVD series via
    - Gift cards/cash
  12. It's funny that no one used their diaper wipes warmer. I still use mine (and my son is 2 1/2). When he was a newborn, I liked that the warmed wipes were less likely to wake him up when I was changing him. I also found that using the warmed wipes as soon as I took his diaper off, made it less likely that I needed the peepee teepee.

    I would definitely not recommend the diaper genie or anything similar. I saw a recommendation on Amazon/babiesrus (they have the best reviews) and ended up buying a tall steel garbage can and using glad oder shield bags. The one twist is that I'd recommend getting the simple human version of the tall steel garbage can that has a lock on it. We ended up buying that version for the kitchen once my son started walking and developed a trash can fixation.
  13. I never used the diaper genie or the Graco traveling system. It was so heavy and clunky.