Products to Help Pepe Leather

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    (I posted this on the Givenchy care thread but since there are so many pepe pandora owners, I wanted to create this new thread so these steps can be easily found.)

    The washed sheepskin will age so wonderfully but it does have its vulnerabilities. I have been a DIYr for a while and usually do pre-treatments to my bags when I do know they have spots that may need extra TLC. For the pepe pandora here are the steps I have taken and they seem to work very well for me.

    1. Spray entire bag, strap, and handle with Collonil Waterstop to provide a layer of protection.

    2. Apply Zelikovitz Top Coat in Satin Finish on the corners of the bag. This will help protect the corners as it rubs against your body during wear. Won't promise totally stopping the rubs/wear but will definitely help. A LIGHT application is all you need to start.

    3. Applecare Leather Cleaner removed color transfer quickly and completely. I think the great result I had was due to the protective layer of Collonil Waterstop. It likely helped keep the color transfer on the very surface by forming that protective barrier.

    4. If your Panda seems bone dry or you have corner rubs that seem really dry and lightened alot from the wear, I would probably try Leather Honey. It is a great leather conditioner. The moisture it gives the leather, helps to return the color's richness. Balenciaga owners have had amazing results. I started a thread on it and the response has been astounding. Please be sure to read the thread very carefully as well as my posts prior to using. This stuff if super rich and seriously...a little dab will do ya!

    HTH anyone who would like to protect their lovely pandas. Please note that I always recommend discrete test spots prior to an entire bag application...especially if you have never used these products before. Everything was done with just a light single application. All products can be found and purchased online.
  2. it's such a waste how really cool bags go to waster due to lack of care, it's almost an heartbreak. These links seem like a totally neat way to keep your leather with you forever!!