Products to get that glow

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  1. Hi everyone!
    So I read the post with a pic of JLo and her gorgeous glowing skin, and it made me want to ask: what products do you use to get a glowing complexion? Some mags suggest a silvery iridescent powder, I've seen recommendations for powder bronzer, and also saw a suggestion to avoid powders altogether and just use a luminescent foundation. What do you guys use? I typically use just a little concealer and matte powder to even out my complexion, but I want that glow! Any suggestions for products? Application tips? Cheap and expensive options?
  2. bonnebell bronzer gives me that glow :P but i am wondering about this too?
  3. MAC strobe cream on the face contours, i heard? Or maybe a dusting of shimmer translucent loose powder?
  4. I love MAC strobe cream. I bought it after recommendations from TPF, and I love it. You use it under your foundation. MAC also makes a separate product like the Strobe Cream that is designed for over the foundation.

    Also, I use NARS in Albatross as a highlighter for under the eyes and around the cheekbones.

    I use self-tanner and also love the sun, too. ;)
  5. Does anyone know what J. Lo uses as a bronzer or iridescent power? I have an iridescent power from I think Loreal that sort of does this effect, but I can't remember the name of it now.. its in a light pink iridescnet container. It is a silvery light pink powder that makes you "glow".. its awesome. I don't think they make it anymore.. later when I open up my treasure chest of makeup, I will post the name of it.
  6. Nivea pure energy works wonders on my dull skin!
  7. Stila has a wonderful product called All over Shimmer, it's a liquid luminizer, gives a great glow..I use it on top of my foundation and under my bronzing powder, but just on my cheek bones and maybe a dab on my under my eyebrows..comes in two colours..
  8. Thanks, everyone! These are great recommendations. The Stila All over Shimmer and MAC Strobe Cream sound amazing. Both of these products look like they would create just the subtle "glow" effect I'm looking for. I'm going to check them out this weekend and hopefully be glowing by next week!
  9. I mix in a little Smashbox artificial light with my normal moisturizer. I also use NARS albatross like bisousx.

    I used to use a similar powder from Lancome and then STILA but but both were discontinued
  10. I second Smashbox's artificial light. Some of them have more shimmer though. I love Make Up For Ever's diamond creams and shine on powders too. Revlon has a LE bare it all lotion that works well when you mix it with your foundation.
  11. MAC strobe cream under your foundation/powder and then Mineralize skin finish as a blusher.
  12. i mix lorac luminizer or benefit's high beam with my foundation/tinted moisturizer/moisturizer depending on what i'm wearing that day. also, prada makes a tinted moisturizer that produces a soft glow (i think i had it in the color glow)

  13. I remember reading somewhere that J Lo uses Scott Barnes Body Bling( the original one).
  14. Bronzers normally give temporary effect till your next washing.
    If you want more permanent results try Olay Total Effects 7x Touch of Sunshine, it's a gentle moisturizer with a sunless tanner, gradually tans your complexion over time but doesn't overdo it.
  15. You seriously have to try the La Mer fluid will not believe your glow when you look in the mirror!!