Products to fade acne scars?

  1. Hi Everyone

    I'm (hopefully) coming to the end of a particularly bad breakout and have been left with several red marks on either side of my chin. Can anyone suggest a product I could add to my regime to try and help fade these marks?


  2. I would like to know as well :biggrin:
  3. I heard products based on AHA (glycolic acid) help a lot.
  4. Hi there. I've got the exact same problem...

    I use Skinceuticals Phyto+ that has botanical ingredients that will lighten pigmentation. I love Skinceuticals' Renew Overnight for Oily-combination skin, as this has got 10% AHA in it that will help with cell renewal as well.

    Hope this helps.
  5. neutrogena 3-in-1 hydrating acne treatment is what i've just started using. it's gotten a lot of good reviews and ratings so i would try it, it's not oily or greasy and i can see my skin start to improve so i would give it a shot :smile:
  6. hi!
    i use
    Lancome "Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X^3 high potency whitening spot eraser"


    Shiseido "White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum"

    I think that it is a little steep because its a 30 mL tube is about 100.. the Lancome one is bit cheaper

    whitening creams are oily, so i don't suggest it if you break out easily, also i would suggest using face washes with microbeads to wash your face to remove the dead skin .. i hope i make sense : )
  7. The cheapest thing ever that works for me is Palmer's cocoa butter with vitamin E.
  8. i use skinceutials phyto+ during the day and natura bisse brightening serum and night and both have helped. hyperpigmentation is HARD to overcome though... and if you stop wearing high spf every day it will come back :sad:.
  9. I'm going to tell you guys a little beauty secret of mine that I have been doing for awhile now that keeps my face clear and makes my scars go away. Keep in mind i have very very mild break outs. I use epsom salt every day. Sounds crazy, but, it work. it's a mineral so it wont hurt you, or wont give you a crazy reaction, it's just made my skin healthier overall. I put a handful of salt in my face wash every day, you want to make it like a scrub. it does wonders.. body acne, take an epsom bath you'll see a big difference. Sometimes at night, I mix the salt with hot water and put it on like a toner.
  10. Get a prescription of Epiquin Micro.
  11. Also, avoid shellfish as they contain a certain toxin that causes scarring as well. Beware!
  12. For scars I have used Mederma and for hyperpigmentation I have used Peter Thomas Roth skin lightners, both have worked quite well.
  13. clinique turnaround cream or neutrogena acne marks fading peel.
  14. One of my friends had very bad acne scarring, and the derm told her to use Mederma. It worked really really well.
  15. My cousin had acne for years and cause her skin to scar badly, she has the most beautiful skin now @ 22. She used Mother of pearl concha nacar cream, she swears by it. She has no visible scars anymore. You just need to be careful and use it at night only because the sunlight can give you stains on your face.

    I found these on eBay, they actually have a day cream now