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  1. 1 to 3 year old toy recommendations to pack in suitcase: stacking/sorting/nesting toys (blocks, rings), indoor or outdoor play tent (they usually collapse down), wood trains & tracks (like Thomas & friends), wood puzzles with big pieces (Melissa & Doug have a ton of styles), toy food and pots/pans, toddler instruments (xylophone, tambourine, shakers), clay/Play-Doh sets, big crayons + coloring books, books!, bath toys, dolls/stuffed animals, finger paints, a ball run game like this

    I like some of the B toys but in general not a fan of a lot of plastic.

  2. thank you so much!! I wasn't a fan of plastic either but we have marble floors and they are much more gentle on the ear than M&D/Hape wooden toys!!!

    Thank you so much, I got the stacking, train, xylophone and wood puzzles covered from my last trip, adding all the others!!! minus the stuffed animals. We got a HUGE one and my baby hates it!! haha!! he doesn't care for smaller ones either.. but he does love his stacking cups!!!
  3. For a teether over 6 months, I love Nosh! Organic Teething Wafers. They keep DS busy munching but melt upon chewing so they're a much safer snack than regular crackers or bread.
  4. my baby boy is 5 months old and he's teething..he's putting his fingers into his mouth to reduce the discomfort i research for teethers found these..